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Haven't tried TC shirt, but have used TC elbow braces… They are very light compression (as advertised), so if you are looking for  something with more compression/support you should be careful when looking at their sizing chart (maybe order a size smaller?) or look at a different brand (perhaps UnderArmour) for more True Compression feel if that is what you are seeking (of course they would;t have the copper fibers).   Good Luck
I've been working on my swing to try to eliminate/reduce my over the top move and be less steep into the ball... I think I'm making progress, but now I'm hittling lot's of Iron shots Fat. What would be likely cause / cure for this?   I have a theory, but I'd like to hear from the SandTrap experts! Thanks in advance.
embarrassingly shorter than all other replies to this thread....
me like! however,  I play mallet with slight bit of toe-hang.... wonder if they can incorporate this alignment 'technology' into that type of putter.....
Butt Ugly.   I hate the graphics on the crown.  Can't play well when about to vomit while addressing the ball... . Taylormade is ruining golf.
Iacas - Another great topic.   I'm self taught (trial and error) and have never analyzed it in-depth as in this thread but I have had some good success with the swing thought/feel of "keeping the club face looking at the ball" during the initial takeaway.   To me this feels a bit closed, because I'm sure I've been a wrist-roller most of my golfing life, but having just got up off the couch to get a club, I see at P2 with this approach, the toe of my club is more in the...
Thank you for the input Erik...Yes, the outside-in path is a big problem; definitely need to work that out.    I always enjoy reading all your posts/articles, etc. and really respect the way you present your information and opinions - well thought out, and great explanations that the common player can understand.
Seeking opinions: To improve my Driving Distance, should I work on hitting Up&Out on the  Driver or work on developing a reliable Draw?  I have been contemplating working on developing a  reliable 10 yard draw as my stock  tee shot.  At this time I usually just play a straight ball and if it pulls( most common)/pushes/draws of fades, I'm usually still ok as I am a pretty straight hitter. Been doing some reading (e.g - Andrew Rice site  "Getting the most out of your...
73 - Drove it into fairway bunker on Par 5 #18; had to wedge out, and then holed a 3 wood for Eagle.
It's the elbows mainly ... Don't know for sure if it is the vibration or other stresses that cause the problem, but I have heard from others that Graphite shafts have helped, even when lightweight steel and vibration reducing inserts have failed; so I'm willing to give 'em a try.
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