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Ireland. Carton House
When I start my downsing I feel like im pulling down with my arms and getting my hands to and through the ball before my hips clear, now this may sound ridiculous to some but this is the feeling I need because I have an extreamely explosive lower body and I have difficulty keeping it under control at times, Tiger woods had the exact same swing thought for his downswing back in 2000 when he won everything
I've actually never thought once about this setting up to a shot, just go with what feels natural and works for you
Hey guys, havn't been on this forum is quite a long time and just wanted to drop in and post my lastest swing, filmed yesterday at the range   
I wached some more slo mo's of Rickies swing and noticed how much he extends his arms trough the ball, probably more than any other pro on the PGA tour, and he actually lifts his head up right before impact which is also strange
    What a great kid, they all knew he was going to make it big
As far as i know there are around 3 different ways to release the club through the ball (actually im sure there is more im just going by what players on the pga tent to have in their action)   1) the square/flat left wrist release, this is the type of release alot of tour pros would have eg steve stricker, luke donald, althought it does not work for me as i hit way to many blocks out to the right with it.       2) the closed clubface/strong grip release,...
I'm not sure who that is, might have just been a guest caddie seeing as he was playing in a charity event and in Japan. Anyone remember this years masters when Tiger yelled out ''YOU SUCK'' after pulling his iron on the par 3? Here is a similar situation when he pulls his iron on his second shot on one of the holes while in Japan 1997 I thought it was funny enough to put on youtube
Found some clips of Tigers swing in 97 shortly after he won the masters when he started to tweak his swing with butch
That is amazing, how can you be so talented at 17 years of age, he will go on to win many more
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