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Get a million tees. You'll never have to worry about them for the rest of your life!
I generally agree that sex might come into play when tipping. When i read your orignal comment, it sounded like you though women had it better in everything, which is not the case.
I still think your jealous about your past girlfriends making more money than you. By no means is it a womens world. Women still face many hardships in the corporate workplace, that most people will ever know about. I am in highschool and I am a male, and i do work at a restaurant...in fact im working in 4 hours. I make great tips, and certainly do not think that sex comes into play at all.
try to stay more outside on the takeaway. Your club immideately crosses your body which is not a good sign. Try to copy some pga pros takeaways by watching them on tv and looking at your swing in a mirror or something. Bad habbits are tough to get rid of. Good luck!
people that dont return clubs deserve to DIE. I hate people that break the rules...its just my personality i guess.
I consider myself a car enthusiast. I used to drive a 2010 subaru WRX 5-door. I currently drive a VW GTI 2010. 3 door, black. The GTI is a much more liveable daily driver than the REX, and it got top 10 cars of the year for car and driver. It also recieved Canadian car of the year! It has plenty of power and is great through the corners. Thinking about upgrading to stage 1 and getting a new intake and maybe cat back/ downpipe. Not sure yet.
I am happy to say that i am the new proud owner of a 2010 Subaru WRX. I will upload pics when i go to pick it up.
yeah it did decrease, you can consider me a reliable source ;) http://abcnews.go.com/Business/wireStory?id=9456010
did your salary decrease? because i remember hearing about colorado being the first state to ever lower its minimum wage.
my wedges are getting worn down, and my scotty has seen better days. It is 9 years old now, and isn't sinking the putts like it use to.
New Posts  All Forums: