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Merry Christmas! Enough with this happy holidays bullshit!!
I love cars as well, specifically german cars. I believe they have a higher build quality than any other countries cars...just IMO. I went to a vw dealership today and test drove an mkv gti 6 speed. I loved it, and hopefully my father will buy it for me as my first car!
thats why you stick with rangefinders!
that 125 extra hp means alot more weight (3800 lbs total) and the heavier a cars engine is, the more it tends to understeer. And, yes i have driven a new camaro...the ss actually and the thing understeered like a bitch. For the money i would say that it is a good car though, it has the power of an m3 but thousands cheaper.
camaro ss is fast in a straight line, but cannot take corners well at all. If a car has terrible handling it will not be fun to drive no matter how much power it has. The 350z is a great handling car and has enough pep to keep up with pretty much anything in a straight line(not to mention its faster around a track than a camaro).
aliens exist- blink-182 don't leave me- blink 182 Sickest band ever, check out some of their song if you have never heard them before! Also, denver nuggs, the mixtape is called no ceilings, not new ceilings.
I dont like it when people compare german cars to japanese cars. There is a big difference between the two. Generally japanese cars are much more simple and have less working parts, whereas a german car has much more options and acessories that are not offered on cheap japanese cars. If you have more things in your car, something is more likely to go wrong, make sence? As for motors, germans are far superior to any other country making cars right now. They are better...
very nice taste in cars. it is a manual or auto?
those look very legit to me. the 6i has a serial number.
its cold outside dude! the ball doesnt travel as far, everyone loses 1 club at least.
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