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what alot of people dont realize is that using any club with any grooves you will get the same ammount of spin from the fairway, groove size only makes a difference in rough.
And all titleist players irons.
You can't really compare the two. They are in different price ranges. Its like comparing a bmw m5 to a bmw 535i. They are both really awesome, but the higher priced one is better quality and more exclusive. It's golf though, so murias dont mean you will shoot lower scores than mizuno...so it the extra cash really worth it?
generally forged irons are smaller and are geared towards better players. I think this is what he means...lets not split hairs!
I do not have it, but did get my shot for swine flu 2 days ago. I still have another 12 days to get it before the vaccine kicks in, so hopefully nothing will happen until then.
My irons and wedges without a doubt. When i can hit my drives straight shooting par is easy, but he driver is what i struggle with,
I love the e30 m3. Such a classic car that looks great. What model and how many miles does yours have ben?
notice in the video, your last two shots you have good balance and tempo and hold your finish. Keep up all three of these things and you should be fine. Good luck!
My advice? Take your money and use it to buy some lessons. Your clubs are not whats causeing your 27 handicap, its your swing. Hate to sound like a jerk but its true.
Shot a 3 under 33. I had 3 birdies and 6 pars. Overall a solid round after not playing for 6 days.
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