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yeah it easily costs 10 yards the way it is in massachusetts right now. I have been taking an extra club for a week now and still making the same full swing.
they reviewed scratch wedges on this site?
with an 85% swing, my normal swing, a 6 iron goes around 173-180 yards. My 6i ss is around 85 sometimes a bit higher, and my shafts are s300's. I am thinking about making the switch to project x or kbs tour though.
switching to blades will not help your game fyi. There is a reason 75% of the pga pros dont use them! Stick with your ap2's they are very solid clubs and have great workability.
i have the tp 8.3* with the fubuki...great head and shaft combo...for me.
yeah, i am a member at PT, so i have been checking that out quite a bit. Do you know if can order an oil can through his website?
Hey, how did you order this 006 with the oil can finish? I am looking to order one, and on the website's order form it does not have the oil can option for the 006. Did you e-mail Byron, or call him or something? Thanks for your help!
how on earth do you miss the first two fairways at cyprian keys? lol jk
You probly have muscle knots in your bck from playing alot of golf. I have this and once a week or so go to physical therapy. I would reccomend going to your doctor, or at least streching and warming up before the first tee. Also, if you back stiffens up or gets sore while playing you should stop.
Do what works best for you, and dont try and copy adam scott's or tiger woods swing. You need to develope proper fundamentals, but dont get too concerned with mechanics etc. Taking some lessons will be helpful, but in the end it is you that puts in the work. Handicap is a good reflection of how much time and work you put into your golf game i believe. Practice on the course rather than on the range as well, because for most people, shots on the range sont carry over to the...
New Posts  All Forums: