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Used pro v's, used tour i's, used tp black's, used b330's etc. Just google used golf balls, best value IMO.
Not very hard to do.
Anyone use these shoes? I just bought 2 pairs of them on ebay for about 130 each, and i think they feel great. I would love to hear some feedback from other people about how they hold up over time.
Why do you think gary player kicks his right knee in right before he starts his swing? It's so that at the top he can feel like he is pushing off of the inside of his right foot. I copied this move, and it have helped my accuracy and consistancy alot, not to mention increased my distance.
what course do you play? I am from wellesley. Nice even par round!
are you sliding your hips, instead of rotating them? This is the reason i push the ball usually.
tempo is the most important thing for my swing.
dont get nervous in the beginning of your rounds if you get off to a bad start. This is the thing that usually kills me in tournaments.
yes thats true, but its the same model as the newport from scotty cameron, and i am currently using one of them, so i know i will like it. The reason im getting it is because it is cool, and my putter does not have a line on it...technically its my dads putter lol.(another reason)
289.00. its a very good deal in comparison to the cameron's, because you get to customize your own putter with finishes and stamps and paintfill's etc.
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