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get a c&l putter. I am about to get one myself. www.350milled.com
Zach Johnson needs a nickname...how about, THE BOSS.
then go to see someone who knows what they are doing.
its probly because of your swing then. Long irons are hard to hit for everyone, and you are still probly adjusting to your new sticks. Give it some time.
my coach uses your season average to determine who gets to play in the match. We have 17 kids and 8 play. 15 out of the 17 kids average in the 30's on a par 36 course. We are loaded in terms of talent.
this means that your casting the club, and having too much right hand action in the swing. i struggle with it sometimes.
zb's, because they are stiff flex and your ss with a driver seems to be very high.
A-not a book, but a play rather. Oedipus the king, by sophocles. Q-What is the best hybrid on the market right now?
yeah it will.
They are both blades, so how much better can one really be vs. the other. With that said, i voted for titleist, because i am brand loyal, and all my clubs are titleist except my driver.
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