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played a hs match today, shot +1 37. I ended up winning 8 up out of 9 holes lol.
Golfers now are too concerned about equipment, and the latest technology/fads etc. etc. Iron covers are unnecessary. Thoes little dings don't affect the play of your irons at all. The only thing irons covers do is keep your clubs looking pretty. Honestly, i could care less what the backs of my irons look like. At the end of the day, its the number on the card that matters.
dunno, but the kbs tour shafts are worth alot by themselves.
the only difference is from the rough. My 695cb's conform, so i couldn't really tell you much. As long as you play with a high spinning ball, the difference wont be too bad, though.
you just got the tour prefereds, why get new irons? It's the indian not the arrow.
A: Be rich, because i love cars. Q: What's your typical miss, and do you usualy play for it?
corey pavin uses regular flex in his irons, i use stiff flex. It's all about the ss...generally better players swing faster, and are able to control their shots better than most average golfers.
Shot a 34 (-2) during one of my high school practices. Best 9 hole roud of my career thus far!
I ment to say that they were just re-designed.
Why? A lot of irons now have V grooves, including mine, the 695 cb's. If it really made a big difference, you can always get a groove sharpener, or just get a vokey pw or something.
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