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i liked it lot...i thought the opening scene was well done, and brad pitt did a great job throughout.
The jetta sportswagen is a very sharp looking car. VW just released it, and up here in boston they are selling like hot cakes. There is a 3 month wait if you want a new one here...not too sure about if there is a wait in erie. I cannot give you too much info on the forester, but the jetta seems like a more smart decision, unless you need the extra room with the forester for hauling things.
I saw ryan moore and his beard in person at the u.s. open...and let me say that it is IMPRESSIVE!
when i went to the u.s. open, the putting green was 50 yards behind the first tee for the black course. The driving range was pretty far away on the left side of the club house, near the giant concessions tent.
that not the point i was making at all. My point was that my players cb's look like blades at address, but they are much more forgiving, the best of both worlds.
See...i just dont get this argument. No person can tell the difference from my 695 cb compared to the 695 mb when at address.
Im going out on a limb here...but maybe it's because mid to high handicappers are not as well educated about golf equipment, and what will suit them best. Ovbiously this is not the case for every mid to high handicapper, but i think this is the general case. Blades do not offer any advantage over a players cb, and i have said this over and over again. My 695 cb's are basically the same as the 57's and they are great irons that are more forgiving than blades. Which helps me...
I almost bought that hybrid after watching the shot, considering my current hybrid, titleist 909h, is imposible for my to hit correctly.
Yep Evo's are grea cars, same with the subaru impreza wrx or impreza sti. Both are great and fast, however the interior is not he greatest. If you want the complete package look at the bmw 335. They come in a coup, sedan, with awd and diesel engine if you please. Anything german will last you a while, good luck.
if you think the 2007 burner fairway woods are nice, wait until you try their hybrids! Those things were amazing, i remember my old 22*. I had a hard time not hitting that thing high and straight. If only i could find another like it, except with a lower launch.
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