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I chew the tea bag!
Uhh...no lol.
Hmm... Well I am very happy with all my current clubs. I have a fancy divot tool. But those headcovers intrigue me...they are very nice looking. I think I will go for one of those. If I get one of those...I'm looking at either a Dozen balls of Warbirds of TopFLite Gamers...or a pack of gloves. I Think I'm leaning towards the gloves.
I recently got a $40 Callaway gift card from my dad. I cant decide what to get. Any recommendations?
Ahahahahahahahahahahaha. Well played.
I'm not sure if 6 foot wings are enough to lift you off the ground. Maybe if you came up with a more realistic number, then we would believe you had wings.
http://letmegooglethatforyou.com/?q=pro+v1+vs+pro+v1x 4th Result down.
Heres your biggest tip, and all you will ever need. Ready? Ok. Here it comes. Keep going. Next line. It's just a game....a round of golf.
Oh, ok. Thanks.
Umm, I didn't think the Nike Pro Combo Tour are forged.
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