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Quote: It is a fact that when you have different length clubs, you the club has different release points.  This is a fact of physics not "my" logic or opinion.  When you have different release points, you have to set up differently to compensate for that, or ad least you should.  This adds more complications to the process.  You also may have noticed that when the length of the club change so does the distance you stand from the ball and the plane of the club shaft.  This...
I am a full time golf instructor and my co-worker uses the extraordinary golf method. His student do not get better and many of them leave feeling ripped off. The reason the throwing motion is hard to get into an effective swing is that they are similar motions, but at the end of the day very very different. If you look at the people in the throwing club motions on video, they are out of position 100% of the time. Why? Because the release point is in a much...
The book is pretty good. A newer book by VJ Trilio is out that discusses some of the same concepts.
Re-cycled balls are often actually re-painted. Beware of those. As far as new balls are concerned, I always suggest to people that they should play the highest spin ball they can afford. You will not become a scratch golfer overnight switching to a high performance ball, but they will allow you to develop the skills to do so. Take a look at the lower priced Bridgestone balls, and the Srixon high spin.
I think they are great balls. The more spin the better I say. They will tend to go a less off of the driver, but will spin much more around the green when you need it. Give the Srixon Zur c a try.
The spin milled wedges are not actually milled. The are cast to look like the are milled. I just thought I would throw that out there.
Tom Wishon (the guys with more golf club design patents than anyone else) says that and cavity at all makes a huge difference. From there you must have a gigantic cavity to get anymore forgiveness. As far as mats go, if you are hitting the ball first like you are supposed to mats should not make a huge difference. However, if you are hitting the ground first- chunking the ball then mats will add forgiveness. I would say get the ones you like the best and forget...
I would play as much bounce as your conditions will handle. Try and get a wedge that has a multi bounce sole such as the Cleveland Dsg, Scratch, the current Srixon wedges.
Getting an estimate with a range finder defeats the purpose of having one:) I think the GPS is better all around. The range finder is great inside 100, but I play in heavy wind (oregon coast) and it can be hard to hold the range finders steady.
I have an Innovex 10 degree with an 85 s Nvs which would play similar the the ProLaunch Blue.
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