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Maybe this has been explained before but: What is the difference between the three (four?) different Vokey Wedge types. That is the Black Nickel, Oil Can, Spin Milled CC and Spin Milled Tour Chrome? Thanks.
I really like the Fowler pick and he does have 2 Walker Cups (with good results) under his belt so he does have some understanding of the way these matches will be played. This kid is, IMHO, the real deal.
I have been a baseball fan all my life (50 years) and I have never heard the term "AAAA player." You really do learn something new every day and usually from an unexpected source. Thanks
Hi all, I just bought Bobby Jones Golf hybrid on a whim. Gets good reviews and I was not happy (anymore) with my Callaway X Hybrids. I bought the Classic 4h w/ regular flex. Hopefully it will swing a little easier than my steel shafted hybrids and the store also gave me a decent amount on trade-in for my old hybrids. Anyway, for anyone who carries or has used he BJG hybrids, what are your thoughts? Thanks Paul
Is golf the only "professional" sport that uses amateur officials at its most important events?
I do not know how many he will win BUT I do expect he will ditch the red shirt/black pants on Sunday's and go with some other color combo. Truth be told that red/black look is growing old. Tiger needs to switch it all up. New coach, new girl, new caddy, and a new look.
In Hogan's day, caddy's were supposed to "Show Up, Keep Up and Shut Up." or so I have read. I think if any caddy ever offered Mr. Hogan any advise he would have found a golf shoe up his a$$ so far he would have tasted cleats.Nicklaus had the same caddy for years, Angelo Argea and I remember Johnny Miller's caddy (can't recall his name) being one of the first who was more of a partner on course than others.I think the days of the caddy being well known or even known at...
This "kind of thing" is talking about Tiger's business publicly.
Based on his recent interview where he says his job is safe, it is now almost certain he and Tiger will part ways. Just MHO but this kind of thing is the kiss of death (especially with Tiger). I am not a "Stevie" fan or really even a Tiger fan but I do hope Tiger gets his act together, with or without William on the bag.
If the World's Most Interesting Man (aka the Dos Equis guy)was playing that shot, the bunker would have called a penalty on itself.
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