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The balls that some of my partners play might as well be yellow. I'm a purist. Stay with white!
I definitely agree!! Even mis-hits are not horrible...well...most of the time! But there was this day........
I don't know what state ya'll live in, but the majority of courses that have any yardage to them is almost 100% carts! Typically, when there are walkers in front of us, unless they are accurate ball strikers, they make life miserable for golfers behind them. It's a lot faster to get to an errant tee shot with a cart than it is to have a guy walking to it. On the other hand, I have seen walkers that move along pretty fast..but they were gamers. With that said...I rarely...
I can't help wondering!! On the first video, I heard the ball hit something. On the second video...where did that ball go to?? I didn't see a net..so.....just wondering! I watched it 4 times...and couldn't tell!! Other than that, your swing seems very balanced..but a tad stiff armed. I would love to be that flexible in my upper body! Must be an age thing!
Well guys...I had a horrible day at golf....cussed...verbally abused my clubs.....and technically made an ass out of myself! THERE...I admit it! I was NOT proud!
BOY!! You sure set off the "Prankster" in me with that post! That's some good stuff!
I just posted a new thread on EXACTLY what you are talking about! The difference is...I played last weekend and shot an 80 at a more difficult course and come out today and shoot a 95 at a wide open goat pasture! I feel the pain!
It started out this morning...getting ready for golf. HHmmm...it was 10:15 am, temperature around 61 degrees. What to wear!!! long Pants..shorts..long pants...shorts....long sleeve...short sleeve...! Decision Shorts and short sleeve polo!! My brother-in-law lives about 2 hours away..so we meet half way between the two cities. During the week, he makes a tee time at a course..I thought...up in Spring Hill, about 1 1/2 hours away from my home. Ok....I'm taking the...
I may be wrong...but think about this. If you are hitting down on the ball with a knock down shot...you are hitting the ball with much more of a descending blow than if you were to meet it with a normal strike. That forces more backspin on the ball, thus causing it to spin upward. Is the ball back in your stance? I play with a guy that hits way back in his stance and he is very inconsistent. Sometimes he can hit with a 8 iron on a 175 yard hole and is successful, but...
I got my butt whooped this last weekend...so I'm pushing my brother in law to give me a chance at redemption during the week. He asked if one butt whooping wasn't enough. I replied with a &%$#@ you! I AM GOING TO MAKE THIS SHAFT WORK!!!!!!!!! I WILL BEAT THE SNOT OUT OF HIM THIS WEEK!!! Repeat after me...you will play well...you will play well!
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