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My Driver and Irons are stiff flex, my 3 and 5 wood are regular
I reckon going to sex rehab made him forget how to get it in the hole.
I don't normally drink on the course but Played golf before my Stag party, that involved alot of drinking. So much so the non-golfer won the day. The other weekend we were playing a Mixed tourney (usually a fun tourney) and it was freezing, like I could'nt feel my hands for 5 holes, I had a thermos of coffee with me, we got the the 6th tee, there was a bit of a wait so I poured myself a coffee, a scotish chap in our group comes over, pulls out a hip flask and pours a...
I caddied for my Dad when I was a youngster (He played off scratch and never gave me lessons) I got to watch great golfers play every weekend. We had a beginners clinic which tought you the basics, grip stance etc. Other then that I had one lesson, the dude wanted me to swing like Tiger I thought what an egg and never went back.
I remember this one guy, We were playing a scramble, and one of the competition sponsors (I had played with him the week before) says to everyone about how long I am right before I tee it up. Anyway I proceed to sky the hell outta it, and this one dude from the group playing right behind us is like, what a dork he aint that long. A few holes later I hook one off the tee, and can't find it, so I go back to the tee, the same dude is like what were you looking that far up...
All about participation ? Its the way you play not if you win or lose ? Bet you don't own a blow up doll either
No ....... there is just crap to deal with
The hole is a 195m par 3, and the lowest handicap golfer on our committee is 15. So basically the "hazard" is in play for them, when they re-designed the hole they made no provision for a bail out area. So really they are trying to rectify the short sightedness with a local rule. I'll take some photo's when I am out there this weekend and post to see what you guys think. If it is in fact against the rules for them to do this I'll make a submission to the committee.
Yes they do ...... you just deflate them and store them in the cupboard till next time.
Tried that once ...... hurt like hell
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