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I was B-FIt for Bridgestone Tour B330-RX golf balls   Ricky Fowler - -9 Jordan Speith - -8 Phil Mickelson - 7
I know this is an old thread, but I have the same feelings that the OP has. We have been very loyal to them, and they now charge more for their frequent users.   (BTW, as an aside, as I understand it, Golfnow gets ALL the money on the hot tee times, so no worries if they are making any money)   I continue to heckle them for their terrible rewards program and additional fees every chance I get.   Here's my tweet from this morning.... Happy to book a couple of tee times...
Correct.  Point being, it is 1/3 what it was before they did away with the program and instituted this one.
Just got an email from Golfnow describing their new rewards program. If you recall, they did away with teh old program that gave you a round after 5 bookings, then another after 10 more.   Here's the new deal:   Plus, continue to play and you can earn even more great benefits:     I appreciate that they have given us *something*, but am disappointed with what they have decided...
Yikes. Sorry to hear that. Best of luck to you.
OK, curious about your "tennis elbow". Commonly here in the states there is no surgery for this. I had it acutely about a year ago from overuse / bad technique playing tennis. I wore a brace, and then it finally got so bad I went to my physician with it. I was expecting a shot or at least medicine for it, and he suggested: -stop playing -keep playing sounds weird, but he said there was no clinical evidence that suggested stopping would make it any better, that it...
Par 3, 165 yds. One of the guys I play with regularly hits his tee shot right, and it hits near the green, bounces, then catches the cart path. It then proceeds to come all the way back down the path past where we teed up, leaving him about 200 yds in. It took about two minutes for it to make it all the way back, and we were cracking up all the way as we were cheering it further and further away. Priceless.
I have the same situation, and it is kind of a pain to give the distances all the time, but I do it, money or not. From my point of view, if the roles were reversed, and the guys wouldn’t give me distances, I'd look for other playing partners. JMHO
I'd say give it a shot; If you don't you will always regret not trying. That being said, I remember a quote from Davis Love years ago that I thought was pretty good. He was asked "How do I make it on the PGA tour?" His answer: "When you can beat everyone in your state, then you have a chance to make it on tour:. Best of luck in whatever you decide.
Had my TM 460 now for 4 years. I'll hit some of teh new ones, when somone in the group has something, but haven't found anything yet any longer or straighter for me.
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