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maybe I put it on wrong, but I put it so the white piece was centered against the tendon that is causing me issues approx. 2-4" below my elbow.  It didn't fit, provided ZERO relief, and it didn't matter how tight i put it, it never worked.  I have not worn it since.  I have been using the ace elbow strap brand.http://www.amazon.com/ACE-207360-Elbow-Strap/dp/B001ALY6SK
can I ask those of you that are affected - was golf believed to be the cause of your tennis elbow?  My doctor is claiming that it was a result of extended exposure to poor posture in front of a computer.  I work on computers all day as part of my job...  Thank you for the tips.  Can you please post some of those exercises?  I have already gotten an xray and am making an appointment to see an ortho to discuss next steps. 
I think it took me more like 4 to break 100 regularly (and I still have rounds when I don't) and that was probably last year when it happened.  I don't break 90 regularly and have never broken 80 (but have broken 40 a few times)
sounds like i need to hit the practice green... 
excellent point.  Thanks for the tip. This is why I am thinking that my scrambling is where i need to work.  Because I don't get up and down very hardly ever.  I tend to hit 4-5 greens a round, but my average score is just below 90.  I have not tracked scrambling today, but looking at the score card I think that I only did it once today and that was a chip in. 
6300 yards (but it's only a par 70) if you play the blues, 6000 if you play the whites. Today on my quality drives I hit the following irons into the green 8i6i9i6i8i (was a terrible drive and I had to get over a tree, was 170 away, but didn't think I could get anymore than an 8i over the tree, ended up a little short)GWPWGW My 9i is a 145 club, and my 8i goes 155~160 as a frame of reference.  Par 3 tee off clubsGW (hit green)7i (missed just right, hit a cart path and...
probably both... 
you didn't know what was a thing? Women?  Stalkers? Unnatural blonds?  Believe it or not, both of them predate the internet ;) 
This next week I am going to be traveling and will have spare time but won't be able to bring my golf clubs with me.  Anybody have any suggestions on how to get that fix?  Typically I fly with my clubs but my travel bag developed a tear and I won't have a chance to replace it until this weekend so that I can bring my clubs with me next week.    Does anybody have any suggestions? 
here is an interesting article..   http://probablegolfinstruction.com/golf-scoring-statistics.htm SCORE = 102.6 - 2.7 X #pars GIR is SCORE = 95.1 - 2.0 X GIR   I am going to assume that pars are holes of par or better.  I had 3 birdies today but only 2 pars...    So looking at that =5 (which is about normal for me) 102.6 - (2.7 * 5) = 89.1 (this is about normal for me)   I would also say that I typically hit around 5-6 greens a round 95.1 - (2.0 * 5.5) = 84.1 ...
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