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Perfect, looking forward to it.
It is just me on Monday so I would be happy to play either course at what ever time would work for you.  
 I have not made any tee-times yet.   I am playing Indian Wells or Indigo Creek on Monday 8/3 and for Caledonia we are playing on Saturday the 8th.  I have not booked a tee-time for Monday yet, and my playing partners are booking the one for Saturday.   I would imagine we will play Blackmoor on Thursday but I have to confirm that yet.  For Monday, I can book it whenever and don't have any thing on the agenda so I can play whenever it works for anybody that was...
If you or any of the local Myrtle beach golfers is interested in joining us let me know.  
I will be traveling to the area the week after the OP is going to be there and am looking to play 3 times myself.     I will have a car but am on vacation with my family so I would prefer to play close to where we are staying...  We are staying in Myrtle Beach SC 29575 just south of Myrtle Beach state park.     I don't carry a handicap but would estimate I am a bogey golfer.  I am looking to play 3 different times during my week long stay.     My first round will be...
maybe I put it on wrong, but I put it so the white piece was centered against the tendon that is causing me issues approx. 2-4" below my elbow.  It didn't fit, provided ZERO relief, and it didn't matter how tight i put it, it never worked.  I have not worn it since.  I have been using the ace elbow strap brand.http://www.amazon.com/ACE-207360-Elbow-Strap/dp/B001ALY6SK
can I ask those of you that are affected - was golf believed to be the cause of your tennis elbow?  My doctor is claiming that it was a result of extended exposure to poor posture in front of a computer.  I work on computers all day as part of my job...  Thank you for the tips.  Can you please post some of those exercises?  I have already gotten an xray and am making an appointment to see an ortho to discuss next steps. 
I think it took me more like 4 to break 100 regularly (and I still have rounds when I don't) and that was probably last year when it happened.  I don't break 90 regularly and have never broken 80 (but have broken 40 a few times)
sounds like i need to hit the practice green... 
excellent point.  Thanks for the tip. This is why I am thinking that my scrambling is where i need to work.  Because I don't get up and down very hardly ever.  I tend to hit 4-5 greens a round, but my average score is just below 90.  I have not tracked scrambling today, but looking at the score card I think that I only did it once today and that was a chip in. 
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