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as the original poster who still struggles on occasion off the tee, I can say that here is what works for me.     1. I do the feet together drill as my practice swing.  In my pratice swing I try to implant smooth tempo, short backswing and keeping my head perfectly still.  (I realize that none of these things are probably happening, but its the muscle thought that I am going for)     2. A waggle is important, it helps me to make sure I maintain a loose grip on the...
Here are my reviews of the 3 courses that I played while I was there.     Indian Wells was a lot of fun.  Of the 3 courses it very well could have been the most "fun" course that I played while I visited.  It was in great shape and represents an excellent value.  The cart paths were pretty beat up, and when we played the greens were recently plugged and sanded making slow putts inaccurate at times (to be fair, I don't know if it robbed any strokes, it was just an...
Perfect, looking forward to it.
It is just me on Monday so I would be happy to play either course at what ever time would work for you.  
 I have not made any tee-times yet.   I am playing Indian Wells or Indigo Creek on Monday 8/3 and for Caledonia we are playing on Saturday the 8th.  I have not booked a tee-time for Monday yet, and my playing partners are booking the one for Saturday.   I would imagine we will play Blackmoor on Thursday but I have to confirm that yet.  For Monday, I can book it whenever and don't have any thing on the agenda so I can play whenever it works for anybody that was...
If you or any of the local Myrtle beach golfers is interested in joining us let me know.  
I will be traveling to the area the week after the OP is going to be there and am looking to play 3 times myself.     I will have a car but am on vacation with my family so I would prefer to play close to where we are staying...  We are staying in Myrtle Beach SC 29575 just south of Myrtle Beach state park.     I don't carry a handicap but would estimate I am a bogey golfer.  I am looking to play 3 different times during my week long stay.     My first round will be...
maybe I put it on wrong, but I put it so the white piece was centered against the tendon that is causing me issues approx. 2-4" below my elbow.  It didn't fit, provided ZERO relief, and it didn't matter how tight i put it, it never worked.  I have not worn it since.  I have been using the ace elbow strap brand.http://www.amazon.com/ACE-207360-Elbow-Strap/dp/B001ALY6SK
can I ask those of you that are affected - was golf believed to be the cause of your tennis elbow?  My doctor is claiming that it was a result of extended exposure to poor posture in front of a computer.  I work on computers all day as part of my job...  Thank you for the tips.  Can you please post some of those exercises?  I have already gotten an xray and am making an appointment to see an ortho to discuss next steps. 
I think it took me more like 4 to break 100 regularly (and I still have rounds when I don't) and that was probably last year when it happened.  I don't break 90 regularly and have never broken 80 (but have broken 40 a few times)
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