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as long as the grounds are clean, I don't much need flowers / bushes / etc.    I would prefer not to have gravel parking lots, blacktop / concrete that is soo old it might as well be gravel.    As for the clubhouse, the biggest offense that I have with clubhouses is if it isn't clean smelling.  poor plumbing / OLD carpet / furniture / smell of smoke / etc. are all turn offs for me.    like GolfingDad said, a well maintained course will extend into the clubhouse /...
 Jeff, In my experience there are 2 kinds of simulators at Golf stores.  The first is the dopler radar based.  It is a small unit that sits on the ground next to the ball.  Those are generally very accurate and usually have given me carry results that are on par with what I have found at the golf course.  Those monitors usually use a pretty accurate measurement regarding side spin and as a result are fairly accurate to represent ball flight.  The other kind, which uses...
Is your handicap accurate (30)?  It is likely a swing fault.  The Dunlop might have masked it somehow.  A slice is a result of an out to in swing path (casting, coming over the top, etc)  In my swing I have found multiple causes and it took a long time to finally get it straightened out, and while I don't have it fixed all the time, I am finally moving in the right direction.    Equipment will help to tune / refine your game, but a nasty slice (the kind that ends up...
George Dunne is managed by Billy Casper Golf but owned by Cook county (the same county that the city of Chicago resides in) Highland woods which is close to Schaumburg is also a nice course, and they often run deals for under $30 Monday-Friday 12pm to 2pm.  It is a nice course, not very difficult, some fun holes.  They also allow walking. 
 When exactly will you be in town?
   I live not far from Schaumburg so I know a fair amount about the golf in the area.  I played Fox run earlier this year, and its nice, but nothing special.  Schaumburg Golf course is probably nicer.  Bensinville has White Pines which is one of the more popular public tracks.  It totally depends on your price.  Seven Bridges in Wood ridge (about 20-30 minutes from you) is very nice.  Bridges of Poplar Creek (very close) is a fun course with lots of water, very short par...
I got an email from here this morning in my inbox with a few of the recent articles, however at the bottom of it, it had a link to swing smart, which appears to be another gyro device that blue tooth's (is that a verb?) to your tablet/smart phone similar to swingbyte.     Up to this point, I didn't think that TST had backed a specific one, are they now backing this newest one?    What are peoples thoughts on Swing Smart?  Has anybody used one? 
enjoy the course.  I will be out of town visiting friends in Michigan that weekend.  I have never played it but heard good things. 
  My normal group that I play with have a few "pace of play" rules that we play by.  One of them is that double par is the max you can take on a given hole.  By that logic, 144 is the max you can shoot on most golf courses (Par 72*2) so I would have to agree, if I played a course that forced me to NOT finish more holes that I finished, I would choose to play easier courses next time. 
  Damn, I was really hoping you were going to finish with...   As soon as they left, I went over and took the rest of his unhit range balls.
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