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enjoy the course.  I will be out of town visiting friends in Michigan that weekend.  I have never played it but heard good things. 
  My normal group that I play with have a few "pace of play" rules that we play by.  One of them is that double par is the max you can take on a given hole.  By that logic, 144 is the max you can shoot on most golf courses (Par 72*2) so I would have to agree, if I played a course that forced me to NOT finish more holes that I finished, I would choose to play easier courses next time. 
  Damn, I was really hoping you were going to finish with...   As soon as they left, I went over and took the rest of his unhit range balls.
now I have to bring my wife too?  I'm out.  
I have played golf in Jamaica.   The 3rd hole had a cow on it, and the 5th hole had a lateral hazard due to farming (pot). 
http://thesandtrap.com/t/69435/how-much-is-a-normal-round-of-golf-in-your-location   It seems like the average round of golf is coming in around $50 to $60 with a cart. 
thank you everybody for responding.  It is really interesting to see what the prices are like.  However, most of you don't have a location in your profile, or you didn't give an area where you live in your post.    If you prefer not to mention what part of the country you live in, that is totally fine. 
I am curious.  What does an average course charge in your area for a round of golf?  What do you get for that normal round?   In Chicago, I would consider White Pines to be an average golf course.  With a cart for a Saturday morning is $63.  A goat track by my house charges $25 for 18 holes with a cart (mon - fri) if you tee off before 8am.  This is a STEAL in the area, the normal weekday rate is $39.    So I would say in the Western Suburbs of Chicago, a normal...
New Posts  All Forums: