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Around $10 in labor, plus the cost of the shaft and grip.  This should make it so the old shaft can be reused later.    Some proshops might give you a break if you buy the shaft and grip from them, but that has been my experience. 
I have a 3i replacement as well.  At first I didn't like it, it felt lighter than my g25 irons, so I would try to overswing it.  Once I slowed my back swing down and remembered to take a short backswing with it, it goes like a rocket.    I don't get as much height out of it as my 4w, but I get a predictable ball flight out of most conditions (rough, fairway, etc.) 
4GB of memory isn't much for windows 8.  a 5400RPM hard disk drive is pretty slow, compared to the preferred SSD.  4 cell lion battery probably isn't going to give you much in the way of battery life.    My mother in law bought an idea pad a while back.  It was a piece of junk, it broke multiple times in the 1 year that they had it.  After one year, they finally put it in a drawer and purchased a MAC.  They have not had ANY problems since.  Now, I will tell you, that...
Do you consider this person a real friend out side of the golf course?  What I mean is, do you think this person is an honest person in life's endeavors that actually matter?    What I mean is, if this person is a true friend, and you trust him to babysit your child / dog / elderly parent, but he chooses to make himself feel better about the game of golf, he isn't hurting anybody but himself.  Let it go.    If, you don't associate with this person outside of the golf...
For economy balls, I really think the best deals are last years models. For instance, the TM TP3 for $19 a dozen from rockbottomgolf.com is/was a better golf ball (IMHO) than the top flite Game / Callaway HX Warbird / Bridgestone e6 from this year. They also have 3 dozen ammo boxes (3 dozen balls in a box without individually wrapped sleeves) for $51 a piece fo the tp3, and $45 for the HX hot plus from callaway, which was another great ball.
when you say "club without real estate" does this mean a group of like minded individuals who play publically available golf courses, but do so in a competitive nature?    This is not a term I have heard before.      As to your question, I have no idea. 
How many of you get the opportunity to play 27+ a day, and if so how often do you take advantage of it?  Do you find that you play better on the 2nd 18, worse?  Do you have any tips (riding a cart, drinking lots of fluids, limit practice swings, etc)   I know that several people here do golf outings / trips where you might play 54 holes in 2 days, or 90 holes in 3 days, etc.  I am more interested in the person that play 36 on a random Saturday because the course was...
Is the Dallas club a daily fee, IE they include range balls and you can replay based on availability or is it typical per 18 green's fee type of event?
I picked up a pair of these after trying all of them on, the most comfortable, best arch support of any that I tried (Golf Galaxy doesn't carry true)    I had only ONE incident and it happened today as a matter of fact.  My transition was a little too fast for the newly planted grass.  I would agree with what others have said, short of the old style metal spikes, it wouldn't have mattered.    Also, it is worth noting that these are VERY comfortable shoes, walking 18 and...
You made the right choice on Harley over Victory...    Victory costs the same as Harley and when its all said and done, nobody ever wants the used Victory motorcycles.  So you end up with a bike that you have to practically give away when you decide to upgrade. 
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