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my SW with a smooth L to L swing goes 75-80ish.  I practice chip shots at home in my yard, so those 20 yard shots are good as well.  It's the distance in between that I have a problem with.  I have actually developed a problem where I am hitting the ball with the leading edge of my wedge and the result is a shank. 
Have you stuck with Evolvr for the entire summer?  If so, have you reaped the rewards?  Are you still using the service?    In other words, if it isn't too much trouble, can you give us a 90 days in review?
  So, to fight a slice, learn to fly fish.     I have tried everything else, why not try that.    As to the OP, I know what you are speaking of.  I think the question isn't taken seriously on the site, and for that I apologize.  But, I have read that some people find the same thing to be true about some of the golf simulators that attach to Tigerwoods (optishot if memory serves)    You will start to develop a swing that makes the results good in the simulator / etc, but...
I am happy with my swing.  Not so happy where the ball goes after I make that swing.  So if I am going to dream of something, I want the ball to go where I think that I am aiming.    If I could "graft" something from the pro's into my game, it's the wedge and short game.  Putting / chipping / sand play.  That is really the biggest difference.    I am not saying that with a pro's short game I could be a pro, because I don't hit enough Fairways, greens, etc.  BUT...
If you have a decent Triumph dealership where you live, they typically do demo days at some point.  if you remember and get the opportunity, take the Rocket III for a ride.  It isn't a harley (doesn't sound as nice, and one side is ugly as sin)   At the time that I had that I rode a small twin cyl. sport bike with upgraded suspension, and the Road King was like trying to wrestle with a retarded bull, and the Triumph had quite a bit of excellence.    Now the flip side of...
no, you know those commercials for attorney's that you see during Price is right?  (not the bankruptcy ones, the other ones)  pretty much any of them will help you do all of that for you. 
  Did you consider the road king as well?  I have ridden several Harley's and if I were in the market, the soft-tail deluxe was my favorite.  To be fair, I have not ridden a touring chassis since they updated it in (07?) and preferred the handling of the soft tail.    That being said, my favorite cruiser to ride is the Rocket III from Triumph, it's HUGE, but once you are at speed, its about the most flick-able thing with floorboards. 
Why not just realize today's American Dream.  Fake a back injury and go on disability for the rest of your working years.  It's way easier, and then you can sit at home, watching the 9AM news and laugh at all the working stiffs that pay taxes while they sit in traffic. 
I don't know why, but when you said Tinker to Evers to Chance, it made me think of Calico Joe by John Grisham.  A good, but not great read if you like stories involving baseball that really have little to do with baseball.    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calico_Joe
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