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If you win a mini tour event (or place well enough in one) and are playing a certain ball, brand of club, carrying a certain kind of bag. Do the manufacturers pay contingency fees? In auto racing for instance if you win or at least get a podium finish and are using a certain tire and display a sticker, some tire manufactures will pay a small award. It’s not a sponsorship per say, just a hey thanks for winning with our equipment and proving its solid.
For the rest of us (non doctors in the audience) WHat is the proximal phlangeal joint?
would you play a full 18 playoff or just first player to win X number of holes (like maybe 2 or 3 holes)
and don't ignore the truck, it's a nice truck. What does Saleen do to make it a Saleen F150?
St. Augustin grass, isn't that a nice name for crab grass? In my back yard I get patches of that stuff, and I use a crab grass killer to kill it so I can plant regular grass.
i would love to be top 25 in my household, and the only two people that live in it is me and my wife. And she doesn't even play.
one good thing is that there is a possability that Chicago will get the 2016 olympics, so the first olympic golf match since ~1904.
how would you change it? match play? maybe have an elimination round of 18 hole stroke play. Top so many players advance to match play. To fit it in, you could do 9 hole matches, that would allow you to have 6 matches and have the top 64 golfers, and in the end you are still only playing 72 holes of golf. If you did 18 hole matches you would only have like the top 8.
i have the same shafts in my wedges as I do in my irons. KBS and Rifle both make a wedge shaft that is supposed to increase spin, maybe give those a once over. Wedge spec shafts are usually S200 and S400 Dynamic gold shafts (at least that is what I have been told) but i wouldn't take to mean you need those types of shafts. I guess the question for you is, what do you generally do with your wedges? Do you hit full shots with them? Do you only use them in and...
i have seen some pretty weird putter designs. Does anybody know what you can't do on a putter? I assume you can't have any moving parts, like you couldn't put ball bearings on the bottom of it (could you?) putters very in weight, material, design, etc.
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