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what do you mean by p-rods?
WHat does your divot look like? When I go to the range, I will put a tee in the grass and make sure with my irons 8 or 9 and down that I line up the ball with that tee. THe divot should start forward of the tee just a bit. This will indicate that you are making contact with the ball on a downward path that caused you to take some earth with the ball.
I tend to prefer courses that play to my abilities rather then play to my weaknesses. I don't like courses with alot of 400 yard + par 4's. I prefer par 5's that give you the option of hitting a mid iron with your second shot (IE give me a lay up spot). I also like to play courses in the 6400 yard range. Also, a walking accessable layout (meaning the next tee box is close to the green) is a huge thing for me. I hate these courses that have a 5+ minute walk to the...
the first time I played 9 holes it was a struggle to break 100. at the same course I shot a 43 last week. Keep practicing, and take a few lessons and read Hogans book. I truely believe with practice, dedication, and any athletic ability, the average golfer can break 90 in a relatively short amount of time.
I have been gaming a Purefit DC tour with a new image silver image shaft for the last few months and I love the driver. If i put a good swing on the ball, I am rewarded with an excellent shot. THe problem is that I don't get much height out of it. I watch others and the ball gets to the tops of the tree's or slightly lower. Mine doesn't get nearly that high. Now I get excellent distance, total distance is (GPS tested) 230~275 with the norm around 250-260. I am very...
My first job was a caddy. I caddied at Butler National. In general an honor caddy is somebody with experience, but don't expect a tour caddy. A good caddy should keep pace with you, a good caddy will keep your clubs clean, replace your ball marks, rake the traps, fix your ball mark on teh green, help you find lost balls, clean your ball on the green, etc. In general what ever the base cost of the caddy is, you would make the tip at least that. Back in the day,...
don't assume that grips have to be expensive to be quality. I use Karma grips from Hireko and while they don't last as long as Golf Pride for $.90 a piece I can change my grips once a month and still make out (and they last longer then that) I probably get a 1/2 season out of my grips (need to change them actually)
does it feel like the club is heavier or the head is heavier? I ask because changing to a lighter grip will change the swing weight (all though its really just fooling the scale)
I don't know if its fishy smelling, but certaintly smelly
no you don't Adams is a mainline brand. Adams is well used on the tour. It may not be as popular as Callaway, Nike, Titleist, Ping, but I assure you it's a major brand. They are best known for Hybrids and claim to be the number 1 hybrid on tour.
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