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1. What is your favorite word?   Morning (I always wish people a good morning, regardless of what time it is)   2. What is your least favorite word?   Um... or like   3. What turns you on?   the stomach, a flat toned stomach...    4. What turns you off?   Divas   5. What sound do you love?   Rock'n'Roll music.    6. What sound do you hate?   people honking the car to get somebody's...
Fox sports considers Larry Csnoka and Jim Kiick from the 72 dolphins to be the best.  http://msn.foxsports.com/collegebasketball/lists/TOP_10_Sports_Best_AllTime_Dynamic_Duos#photo-title=Larry+Csonka+-+Jim+Kiick%252C+Miami+Dolphins&photo=7924342
i forgot about them - The 09 Yankee's stuck out because of the two big names, and they won the championship that year. 
Also, A-rod isn't very popular right now, but the 2009 Yankees are considered one of the best infields EVER, so Jeter and A-Rod is another one in baseball, for both hitting / fielding. 
As a moderate basketball fan, I say Pippen and Jordan were the best that ever played looking at completed careers, but I would say that if Lebron and Wade manage to stay together for any length of time, they might provide competition.    I don't follow Tennis too much, but what about the Williams sisters in doubles? 
  I can't answer the iron question.  But I can answer the driver question.    The Tour is a smaller head club and comes with a Kuro Kage Black instead of the regular which is a Kuro Kage Silver with a 460 head. I have the regular and really like the club.  I had a Cleveland DST and Callaway FTiQ prior to this and this club is lower spinning than both, and the adjustable loft gives me the ability to dial in the ball flight height.    The net result is that with the Nike...
  The only thing that I am willing to get out of bed for that early in the morning and stand around wearing way to many layers of clothing to fight the cold is tailgating for a football game. 
  I love the color.  Curious, what made you choose the road glide vs. the street glide?  The biggest difference is the frame mounted vs. fork mounted wind fairing.  I have never ridden the road glide, and I always thought the dual headlight front wasn't as attractive as the bat wing front.
  No, a good golf swing will result in a good golf shot, regardless of the club in your hand.  The clubs you bought will be fine to learn with.  As you come to enjoy the game more, you will start to appreciate the differences in the clubs, and then you yourself will be able to start to form an opinion of which clubs are right for you.    At this point in time, enjoy the game.  Don't worry that the clubs you bought didn't cost alot.  Also, never judge a golfer by his...
I can't speak to other brands, because the only nice set of clubs I have ever purchased were pings.  But for $800 for the set of Irons, I got a set that was custom built to my specifications.  The clubs arrived approx. 2 weeks after I ordered them and came with a toe tag that indicated which shaft, grip, etc. That I ordered.    Each club head was weighed, and the final product was verified to all have the same swing weight.  I know for a fact that the sets from big box...
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