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 Your Distance Reality Check!
 True but it would be more informative to say the further a golfer is from scratch the more potential influence slope might have on the differential calculation. The important point being the golfer can be further away in either direction, better or worse.
Great stuff. If this one is BB maybe the next could be Lucille  
 Ha, yea maybe. But given the nature of the book he helped author I still want to stick with: take in and fully understand statistics  
 Well that is really too bad and I feel for your plight in this. The only thing I have ever found that helped me in this situation is, and I wish I could cite a good video but I sadly can not: 1. address the ball, 2. cock your wrists so the clubhead moves more or less straight up toward your head, 3. roll your arms/shoulders/hands triangle 90 degrees to where the butt of the club basically points directly at the target, 4. do a centered pivot mostly with hips and leg...
I actually can assimilate statistics.
 Interesting, in the referenced video No Turn Cast Swing Drill Monte says something like - The number one above all others important thing in the golf swing is the arms need to be linked up with the turn.  Do you have any thoughts on that statement? To me it makes sense. As instructors is that in general a big part of the initial priority piece in students that you see or is there no real number one thing?
 A good instructor will be able to communicate their intent to achieve their desired result. Usually this is accomplished by asking the student to do specific drills or feel like they are doing something. The drills and feels may seem counter-intuitive and just weird because the student is feeling one thing but actually doing something entirely different, which is why it works. Or the summary of the summary, feel isn't real. Monte does his summary at about 23:25 where he...
 Well I never thought of it in those terms but yes I suppose a normal putter might be able to shot 78 or 79 that day if they did my putting. A few putts were over 40 feet so I do not think most people could 2 putt all of them. I have shot 76 or less there a few times, many, many years ago. You did say bad putters represent  and as bad as a person may feel probably somewhere someone is worse off. I did not feel a problem with putting till I started to hit a significant...
I once produced a 91 by 3 putting seven times and 4 putting four times. I also managed to 7 putt a green once. The key is once, as even by my standards these are extreme outliers.   I spent a couple years trying to work that problem out and in the end decided the root cause was the same as for my full swing, bad technique/fundamental positions that when put under stress tended to cascade into increasing levels of disaster.
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