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technically he was a real swordsman first, but i like your thinking, very funny.
Third place- Full Metal Jacket Second place- Apocalypse Now First place, and i can't believe I haven't seen it on this list yet- Boogie Nights, this is the only movie I have ever seen where every single actor played their part perfectly.
My biggest hobby anymore is chasing my 3 kids, 8 months, 2 years, and 5 years. But I am also into archery, shooting, and raising our growing chicken flock.
I'm about 25 miles west of Iowa City in rural South Amana. The flooding was strange, it was horrible around me but I was completly unaffected. I didn't even have to alter my drive to work because they closed the interstate right at North liberty where I work. To be honest I felt guilty not to be affected, but very gratefull, several people at work lost almost everything.
I thought I would say hi. I am very new to golf. I just played in our company golf outing with some borrowed clubs and had a blast. I ordered a set of clubs for myself and recieved them yesterday. The only down side is none of my friends golf, so I will be golfing by myself. I was thinking about taking my 5 year old daughter along to help me see where my balls go. I did look at some youth clubs for her but I'm not sure if she has the attention span yet, she is easily...
Quite new myself. My company has an outing every year, so I thought "what the heck". I borrowed some clubs and had a great time. I just ordered my own clubs and look forward to my new vice.
guess I am jaded by who I see now, I'll go with Tiger
A couple very close to me, to new to have a "home" course http://www.stonecreekiowa.com/ http://www.amanagolfcourse.com/
I'm a Quality Engineer for a rotational molder in Iowa.
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