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I don't particularly like that you have missed my point and replied like above.  You got it totally wrong.  The bet between us is not what I posted on this tread.  As this tread's title, Tiger outside the Top 50, I pointed out that people still rout for him and believe that Tiger can come back and gave some kick to you and others by bringing back last year's bet.  As you insisted, you will be getting a PM from me when last PGA Tours sanctioned tournaments ends.  And if...
Since I am hooked into different sports, I haven't visit SandTrap as often as I used to.  The myth of 'Tiger will be back on top' is still here.  He is out of 50.  Regardless how he did well on few tournaments, he is out of 50.  I've been saying this for few years. He is not same Tiger anymore and will not be ever.   oh.. Iacas, which one is last PGA sanction tournament that Tiger will play? If the Fry's is the last one, I expects $100 from you on no later than coming...
Wel... Here is what I do. Assumption: 1 bucket = 90 balls.   Practice about 18 balls only focusing on striking (no target). Play 18 holes with rest of 72 balls. Just imagine you are playing a round with 2 balls.  Pull out your driver (or club that you hit on tee box at 1st hole) and hit. Then hit another one to correct/duplicate (if you hit it as you wanted) first shot. Then pull out your second shot club and do it again. That will cost...
I don't care if he or Tiger got separated or not.  I am just happy not to see both unlikable guys on TV screen at same time. Only worry is that Stevie may wear Burbury like A. Scott does.  :)  
Check out PGA website.     http://www.pga.com/pga-america/pga-feature/pga-and-usga-step-new-sets-tees-in-nationwide-tee-it-forward-initiative   Source from the above link.  
No Cigar?  Really?  Oh... I know I'm getting your $100 at end of this year.. so I let this one go. Anyway, 146 is not bad at all. :)  
Do you remember that we have a $100 bet for whether Tiger wins a PGA tournament on this year? Regardless his injuries or whatever his reason(s), I was and am still confident that Tiger will not win a PGA tournament this year.  When Yang took Tiger down at PGA Championship 2 years ago, new era has started..and Tiger can't get back to new era.  
OP's observation could be big jump to his game.  The game comes down to how low you can go or lower than opponents each hole. We as amateur golfers don't get to experience of competitive golf much.  if we look closely weekly senior torney in any golf club (usually point game and bet a dollar for 9 holes), we know how they play competitively.   I play 9 holes normally such as focusing on my swing or shots.  But for back 9, I go for lowest score. I don't think about my...
It's funny that OP asked for one but most of repliers answered two or more.  If OP asked for driver, most replies will have one or two.. not two or three.  Just saying..  For OP, I would like to play with Na Yeon Choi.
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