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I'm usually around. Just not much time to actually interact or post anything. :)
 What's your source? Andy seems to do quite a bit to help people improve, actually. He's been more than gracious with his personal time with me.
  Sorry, I'm not exactly sure what you're getting at by "starting direction of slicers being 15% to the right of the target and lower."   Starting direction is really irrelevent for what we've been discussing. If starting direction is to the right of the target, you can still fade one 10 yards or you can draw one 10 yards with a change in path. All things being equal except the path, they would in theory go the same distance.         Again, the only way spin loft can be...
  Really? I must be looking at it wrong then? The second diagram I posted (http://i.imgur.com/DY34Url.jpg) shows that each different position affects loft and face angle. It appears you can leave the lie the same, but not the loft or face?
  Exactly. It doesn't make sense to say that one flight goes further than the other. Assuming for a second that a fade goes further (for a right handed player) with an positive angle of attack, then guys like Phil Mickelson would be at a disadvantage hitting a fade since their fade curves to the left and other players curves to the right.
  I don't think you can find data from Trackman to show that one flight goes further than another. Unless of course, one or more of the variables are different. Again, you're just tilting spin-axis, so assuming swing speed, smash factor, spin, etc., are all the same, the ball turning left-to-right isn't going to go further or shorter than a ball turning right-to-left.
  I can't see how a positive angle of attack with a driver will make a fade go further than a draw with the same positive angle of attack, assuming everything else is equal of course. I also don't believe a draw will go further with an iron. You can fade an iron just as easily as you can draw it and on both swings have a negative angle of attack with the handle forward.   Remember, you're just tilting the spin-axis. Unless the two swings creating the curve are different...
  Makes sense now. I guess I was just under the impression that the tool allowed for a loft AND face change, when that's not true, obviously. So, I kept thinking in my head: "How in the world can I add loft and yet close the face at the same time?"   So, for all intents and purposes, the face angle doesn't even come into play unless you don't roll the club after adjustment. So if I need a little higher initial launch, then I need to set it to A4, roll the face so it's...
  Thanks. I think that make sense. So for example, on the fitting chart, if I were to go from A1 to A4, I'm closing the face 1.5 degrees with the tool. So then, if were to take the club and square it up with my hands by rolling the face open a little, that's equating to a loft change of +1.5. But this only applies when actually rolling the face one way or the other after adjustment, correct? If I have an 8.5° driver and  I adjust it from A1 to A4, it's closing the face...
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