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I want outrageous speed with a Callaway XR Driver Rory McIlroy - (-5) John Senden - (-5) Matt Every - (-5)
Yes. I feel like this year is the best year I've had on the golf course and the funny thing is I've not practiced anywhere near as much as I used to (between work and kids). In prior years, I would go to the range three or four days per week and beat balls and also practice my short game on my lunch breaks for 40 minutes or so three or four days per week. This year, I have went to the range exactly two times (except for a few warm up balls before each round). I've also not...
 Agree with AimPoint. I almost don't even want to recommend it to my friends; it feels like that much of a secret! I've always felt that reading greens has been my downfall. Speed is usually decent but I never really made a lot of putts; just all around the hole kind of thing. Since taking AimPoint Express a month or so ago, I bet I've made more putts in the last month than I did the last four years combined. It's been that big of a change. I'm not even an expert with it,...
Why do you feel that Valhalla wasn't a great fit for a major championship and Whistling Straights is? I've never been to Whistling. Looks fantastic on TV. Just curious as to your thoughts on why. Looks like TV ratings were up 36% from a year ago for the final round.
 Yeah, you're right. It wasn't hard but it usually isn't hard for them when the tees are all the way back either. I liked having it up and add in that extra possibility of eagle to add to the drama of the day.
  It's not as if the 4th hole is really that hard when they have the tees back either. It's like 370 from the back tees and the longest hitters are able to get there if they want and at worst have a little wedge into the green. Scoring average is a product of how much rain they've received. I mean, the balls were hitting the green and not moving an inch. As the commercial says, these guys are good and they will stick shots next to flags all day when they have no fear of a...
Not sure how many people commenting have actually played the course, but I have and I can tell you, it's not nearly as easy as the leaders are making it out to be. I played it from the same tees they are playing from (actually some further back) and it's not easy. Also, the fairways are not near as wide as everyone is making them out to be and the rough isn't nearly as thin either. I was there yesterday and the rough is around 3.5 - 4 inches but it's thick Kentucky...
I think I read that Jack won the Long Drive championship at the PGA back in the day by hitting one 350ish? Gary Woodland who's known as one of the longest guys out there is carrying a persimmon 268. Gives you an idea of just how long Jack was back in his day.
Resurrecting an old thread I sResurrecting an old thread I see. :) I'd say caddying there would be awesome. Just being on the course every day would be cool. Can't imagine playing it as much as you have. Would have to make you a bette golfer. Any other course would seem easy in comparison.
I was B-Fit for Bridgestone B330-S golf balls   JB Holmes -14 Seung-Yul Noh -14 Ben Crane -14
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