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Driver still available?? If so, could you send pics of face, crown, etc. to emersonjace@hotmail.com?? Thanks!
I just got a super steal off eBay! A used TaylorMade TP Black 52* Y-Cutter Gap Wedge for only $27.00! I found the auction ending around midnight on a random Saturday night and no one bid but me. The club is easily a 9.9 out of 10. This wedge is amazing!
My entire life my Dad always tried to get me into the game. I always declined because I thought golf was sooo dull. I started playing a little over two years ago and am completely obsessed! I now live out of state and very much regret not taking advantage of golfing with my Dad all those years. Now every single time I visit we play. I love the time we spend on the course and am proud to say it is our absolute favorite thing to do together. I will be home in mid...
In sales for a publication company... BORING! Hehe...
24 years old and wondering were the last 10 years went...
Agreed 100%!
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