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Drop your rear foot back a bit and move the ball 2 inches closer to center (off your front foot) than you normally play it. Then, most important of all, take the same exact swing you normally take with your Driver. No need to close the face, you have already done what is neccesary to draw the ball. Hit it with confidence.
I cant find my original thread discussing this exact situation, but it happened to me as well. I had just started playing 6 years ago, and the guys I played with had all been playing since they were kids. Like you, I tend to really sink my teeth into a sport when I take it up, so naturally I got better at a steady rate. My friends on the other hand never practice, and it showed. The better I got, the more animosity I could feel from them. Finally it got to the point where...
I have suffered from sciata for years, never had the chance to try an inversion table out, but I think I am going to look for one now. That is some of the worst pain in the world, puts me completely out of commission, even though it only hits me every 6-7 weeks.
Correction, you wasted your own time by first reading the entire post, all the replies, and then thinking you had to reply with your negative perception. The fault is your own. It's a message board where many topics are discussed, if one doesn't agree with you, simply pass it by.
If he put you through the fitting steps, and recommended a regular flex, then I would take his advice. I prefer a stiff shaft, as does JGulk, but our swings are probably a lot more consistent than yours, no offense, just noting your handicap. I would follow the pro's advice, and start with the setup he recommended. Then progress from there.
Ditto here, never had a problem going between the two. I don't even understand how they would affect each other. Over half of MLB players play golf in their spare time. Everyone is different though.
I'm in the market for a new driver, and am looking for the best workability in one. I currently have a Taylormade Tour Burner 9*, and an Adams Redline RPM 10*5. You can't beat the Adams for distance, I have hit some absolute bombs with it, it just has very little workability. The Taylormade also has little workability, and is a good bit shorter on distance as well. I have yet to hit any of the Mizuno, Callaway or Titleist drivers. Any suggestions?
freaking awesome! Someone start a thread for the best pranks ever, I'm sure we would get some really good ones...
I sold my beloved Png S-59's at the beginning of this year for a combo set of Mizuno Mp 52s 7-pw and MX200s 4-6, unbelievable irons, hands down the best feeling equipment I have ever hit. The MX200s would be an ideal club for you to look at, my wife is a high handicapper who normally swings a hybrid set, but tried my mx200s out and hit them extremely well. Perhaps you could buy a 7 iron off ebay or ironfinder.com and see how you like it, you can always re-sell it after you...
I called the course this morning to see if someone had returned it, seems I wasn't the only one that got taken. Several guys had their putters taken, and a few wedges were stolen as well. I'm now convinced it is a worker at the course that is responsible, someone who could grab an item here and there and have a place to stash it until later. Unfortunately I didnt engrave my name on my rangefinder, it was on there with permament marker, which we all know isnt permament if...
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