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86 on a par 71. Had some decent shots, but something is terribly wrong with my hybird swing. Range time coming up!
58/10 and it works well from any kind of sand. You have to change your shot, of course, but it's a good all-purpose sand setup.
I don't find it boring, and what makes the OP any more 'random' than you?Is this a typical "Forum Leader" post?
118 blind uphill 2nd shot on a par 4. Hit a 50 deg clean, got up there and it was sitting 2 inches behind the hole (hit about a foot in front). My partner was gracious enough to concede the putt.
My buddy and I were at a bar watching a Cal game and saw another one of MY buddies there with his two little boys. We invited them over and were all watching the game together. My (first) buddy yells at the TV "Goddamit! Catch the ball!" My other buddy asks him to please not swear around his kids, and he says "oops, sorry, no problem." A few beers later something else bad for Cal happened and the friend with his kids yells "JESUS F@(#* CHRIST!!!!" We snickered.
He's an internet meme. I put him up there with Epic Beard Man in terms of longevity. He is probably better known thanks to the catchy tune.
93. It was COLD out - I didn't get my motor running until the 13th hole. 1-12, I was 18 over, 13-18 I was 3 over.
"Which outfit would you least like to wear to a Grocery Store. " My wife goes to the grocery store.
Tiger is trying to rehab his entire psyche. Emptying out the details of his therapy for a national audience probably isn't helpful to that end. Getting better is a higher priority than satisfying peoples' reality-TV audience mentality prurient curiosities. If his interviews are boring, I blame the questioners. By now, everyone knows what he is NOT going to talk about, so find some interesting other topics.
Includes shipping http://thesandtrap.com/bag_drop/adam...ruction_putter http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...m=330421895994 Utilizing an Inertial Navigation System (INS), the DiXX BLU can identify the putter's face position in relation to the ball at impact and immediately displays the information on the vibrant color LCD. Additionally, a Micro Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) monitors several key factors of the swing motion including path and hand vibration...
New Posts  All Forums: