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Like Couples on the 17th at TPC Sawgrass!
Furyk spent $39 on a used putter, didn't have it checked/set for loft and lie, grip was misaligned...and he went on to putting lights out with it. Putting takes practice. Putters are black magic.
Yeah, that is true. I'd say if you knowingly get in front of someone who is going to hit, you are assuming 100% of the risk (no matter what the angle).
My wife last week: "Honey, this Christmas, please don't surprise me with something you THINK I am going to like. Last year you got me that netbook and I don't use it. It's too slow and I don't like carrying it around. This year just ask me what I want, OK?" me: ok honey This week: "Honey that netbook you got me last Christmas is GREAT! I don't know why it was slow before...but it's so fast and I can do videochatting from overseas and it's really easy to take...
Any time another golfer is in front of me, even if they are off to the side, I always yell "heads up" or "coming up" to make sure they see that I am hitting. If they want to stand there and take the risk then so be it. I do have a problem with people who hit behind you when you are not looking and don't know they are swinging. It's maybe more of a courtesy problem than I legal one, but I prefer to have the option to get out of the way.
There's a 233 yarder I play often (Rancho Solano), but the longest *playing* hole is definitely the 208 yard 17th at Tony Lema (Monarch Bay) in the afternoon when the insane bay wind is slamming you in the face. I've played that hole from the whites (178 yards) without being able to reach with a driver...or even come close.
Well, maybe not Dr. Evil, but more like...Gibert Gottfried on amphetamines. My buddy and I had a single thrown in with us at Delta View (Pittsburg, CA muni). I think his name was "Bob." (Edit, checked email, yes it's BOB) Turns out everyone knows Bob and few will play with him. We didn't know this. Anyway, "Bob" comments on every single shot you take, talks during your swing, walks on your line, hits away your lag putts and says "that's good", hits your ball out of...
A few stadiums now let you send an SMS text message to ask for help in those kinds of situations - I think that's a great service. http://www.instadiumsolutions.com/in...d=44&Itemid=53 Those guys were out of line. They should have not been swearing in the first place, and they should have apologized and knocked it off when you asked them to stop. The good thing is that the cop took care of things. +1 for that kind of responsibility.
I'm not talking about the money you save by playing less, I mean more the time you spend playing golf, invested into work/business, might produce a lot more. I hear you about other hobbies being the same. I am just thinking....I play 100 rounds of golf a year. What if I played 50 and put 250 hours into developing my business? What would that return be? This questing is starting to bug me.
Could you make significantly more money if you played significantly less golf? For me, I think so. Makes me wonder.
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