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^ That, sir, is the happiest par ever!
I did, for me - it had a ball flight I have not been able to reproduce. Low, climbing, and very fast. Also, I hugged the inside of the dogleg and drew around it -- I am sure that cut a bunch off the length of the hole.
Here we go again... Par 5, big drive, 190 yard hybrid to green, rolls off 6 feet into rough. Chunk chip 2 feet. Go up and down for par. Dangit.
Tiger, I'm available to house-sit. PM me. kthx
Take it off and put it on your Honda Civic. It's common knowledge that each sticker = +5 hp.
I usually stay in Rancho Mirage at one of the two Westin places. I didn't know about reddotgolf (thanks for the link above), but used golfnow for some tee times. If you like sushi, try Fuu Rin Sushi Bar in RM.
I have 4dx and 5dx clubs. I love the 4dx - they're easy to hit with a nice flight. I cannot hit the 5dx clubs. I am not sure why - my friend who is a 2.x index tried them out and said they were fine. I tried again at the range and...fail. I should list them for sale cheap, they aren't working for me.
I think you should wait a little bit. Get on the big course and see what your swing does. Keep on with your lessons and when you have a swing you like, then maybe look around for fitting and clubs. Maybe your pro/teacher has some clubs you can demo on the range? I think new clubs -- your own clubs -- are a good idea, but maybe you can wait just a bit to make sure you're getting what you really need/want. I get that, for sure! Thing is, let's say you have a whippy...
Great, very helpful advice. I have 2 irons in Demo now - a Mizzy JPX800 and an Adams CB2. I am going to try some more this weekend. Your point is noted about mats - I am trying them out on grass ranges and on the course.
I took a cart out in front of everyone two summers ago and did 18 in 90 minutes. I *was* rushing, though. Played about the same, got back to the hotel before my wife woke up for breakfast. A couple of weeks ago I played 18 in 2:15, not rushing, but again with nobody in front of me.
New Posts  All Forums: