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^ That's a load of baloney. Some clubs are easier to hit than others, otherwise everyone would be playing blades, which, if you notice, they aren't. If it were just condifence, people would get hypnotized and become great overnight. There's no 'magic' involved. Some swings are more accurate at hitting the sweet spot consistently than others. For those who don't hit it that often, a club with a larger sweet spot (i.e. 'more forgiving') will allow for off-center hits...
This, this here, I don't understand.Either JPX800s are easier to hit than MP57s, or they aren't. And anyone can play well with MP-57s? Really? I have better things to do than to throw away $600+ on clubs that don't improve my game.@colin007 - I'd like to see that study about SGI clubs. My understanding is that they hit straighter and also give more distance on off-center hits.
Why spend all that money when you can just lower your score with an eraser and pencil?
Really? I think they're not forgiving enough for me, and that something like a JPX800 -- which is MORE forgiving -- might help.
I got the round in Monday. I had played at Chardonnay on Friday and Sunday and had a horrible night of no sleep (baby...waaaaahhh!!!!) so I was tired and off my game in a lot of ways. The weather was GREAT although it had rained on Saturday. The course was cart-path only due to the saturated fairways very few people were on the course. We had nobody in front of us, nobody behind us. This time around I took some time to contemplate the layout of every hole and the...
*I* like the way this guy thinks. My wife, maybe not so much. I have lots of misses with the MP57s...thin, sometimes, and fat others. I usually am OK as far as not hitting on the hosel or toe.
Today's the day - hope it drained well overnight.
I hit a 2-hybrid on a par 5 from 240 out and put it to 8 feet. Just missed the eagle putt, tapped in for birdie.
88 in the rain, good for second place (net) for the day. Got a skin ($22) on a birdie hole.
It messes me up some, but seems to mess up other people more. Today is our last tournament for the year, and it's raining and we're still on. I am going to power through it. Steady wind I can handle, but swirling wind is terrible!
New Posts  All Forums: