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So I am again thinking of new easier to hit irons and have been trying the JPX800 and Adams CB2. I have to get a stiff shaft Adams to really try it out, but the JPX is super easy to hit, and hit straight. I'll try it out some more and then figure out what to do...
He's young - his personality isn't fully formed. I don't think we can reasonably guess at his future. We know he has game now, of course, but who knows what he can do with that.
I love to play golf with other people but I hate playing golf with other people.
There's some famous instance of a golf legend hitting a ball that rolled into a glass jar. He smashed it, jar, ball, everything. I wonder if there's video?
Just go back and explain the problem and see what they will do. I would be surprised if they didn't make it right, quickly, and at no extra cost to you.
I think if I can mount one of these on my golf cart I will be able to speed up the group in front of me considerably: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/6297149.stm
You really don't have to be that good to try and manage the course a little. If the hole slopes left to right, aim right a little. If it slopes back to front, choke up a little, etc. Even if you aren't deadly accurate you can always improve your chances.
Stay below the hole on your approach, it's about the best you can do in those cases.
My friend who works in Monterey bought the 'Dukes Club' membership, which gives discounts for tee times at Spyglass, Del Monte, and Spanish Bay. He gets to bring 3 more people at the same rates. Spyglass is $185, or $100 for the twilight (can't finish, it's a late start). Del Monte is super cheap ($30 or something like that). I don't think they have any kind of Pebble deal.
A big loopy sliced tee shot put me right of a long line of fairway trees on par 5. Instead of punching out I hit a 4 hybrid with a draw and it went about 200 yards, just past the end of the row of trees, and worked it's way back on to the fairway (rough, actually) enabling me to wedge on for a GIR and par. I'd love to hit that draw hybrid more regularly.
New Posts  All Forums: