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You can also get a Dixx putter and it will keep track of what you are doing: http://thesandtrap.com/bag_drop/adam...ruction_putter I am surprised those don't get rented out...
Some guys kept hitting into us at Metro in Oakland. We called the proshop and they sent a marshal out to talk to them. They did it again (2 holes later!), we called again. This time the marshal just watched from another hole. They did it again and he kicked them off the course. Turns out they also paid to walk and grabbed carts at the turn. Douchebags! Oh, and the guy who was laying up from 150 yards. REALLY?
Yeah, you're not going to hole the ball if you are aiming at some tree.
So you're advising against doing this?
resquare your clubface until it looks right.
This could be great, really. I'd tune in to watch Norm ride herd on the usual bunch of jackwagons.
I guess it depends on the layout of the hole. If a driver have a good chance to go in the woods, the sand, the water, etc., it would be smarter to hit something straighter and shorter. I have a hard time hitting short pitch shots over hazards with super tight lies. So, if the fairway is cut tight I'd rather not try that shot. However, if I can safely bump and run, and there's no trouble with the driver, then why not? Usually, however, I will hit a hybrid and a wedge. ...
It sounds odd.
Good luck!!!
Yeah, come on, you don't want a plague of locusts to descend on him, do you?
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