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I just played the best round of my life with a Wilson Prostaff 360 "distance" ball I bought in bulk for 40 cents each. It flew straight and long and stopped pretty well on the greens (which were very soft). I think with harder greens it would have been trouble. Today, though, I am glad I didn't pull a Penta or ProV1, I could not imagine that it would have helped.
Today was a very strange and wonderful golf day. I saw an $18 special w/cart on golfnow and grabbed it, figured...Friday...slow work day...hooky time! Tee time was 12:06 - I hit a 1/2 bucket of balls and went to check in...ended up teeing off at Noon. Nobody was in front of me...so away I went. Here's where it gets a little strange. I go into my bag and pull out a Wilson Prostaff "Distance" ball - I think I got them in 45-packs for about $0.40 ea two years ago. I...
It goes to show you that even if you are big on the Euro tour, if you want to make it as a manufacturer you have to get some play on the PGA, and that means endorsement money, which means deep pockets. They should have looked to sell froma position of strength.
I am sure they are great, but I found them heavy for my swing and tried one for a few rounds...after a dozen straight chunk/thin/top/scoop/shanks I put it away and worked with a burder sand wedge which was fine. They may be fine but they're not for everyone I bet.
Great! I'm on a post-high round myself.
Either you are slow or you are keeping up - GPS time, pre-shot routines, etc., are meaningless as single data points. If you're keeping up, tell him to shove it. If you're slow for WHATEVER reason, speed up.
http://thesandtrap.com/forum/threads...llo-any-ladies This cart girl post unintentionally tells women they're not welcome here. Locking was smart.
Actually, Zeg, if he and his partner together had 14 clubs or fewer (before the driver smash), then borrowing a club would be legal.4-4 B "Partners may share clubs, provided that the total number of clubs carried by the Partners so sharing does not exceed 14."
I think I am going to get my next dozen balls personalized:
Lack of practice and lessons leads to bad shots. That can't be remedied on the course. Just do your best to move the ball along and enjoy your day.
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