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I agree with this as a good rule of thumb to play most of your rounds. However, it can end up with you not practicing certain shots very much (hybrids to the green, for example), and sometimes you *really* need to make that shot! I move back and forth between the whites and blues so I get a chance to work with all the clubs in my bag. Our tournaments are always from the white tees, so I will take in practice rounds from there. I like the blue tees as they get me some...
Wrong again, Miller...must I correct all your rookie mistakes? You stick the club in your PARTNER'S bag, thereby snagging a new wedge AND winning by DQ.
Wrong on all counts!!!!Player B is DQd for carrying 15 clubs on the 18th hole.Thank you very much.Good night, try the fish.
My friend's daughter is 13, a sliver of a kid, plays from the men's whites, hits her drive 200, and carries a 8.x index. She just carded a 79 on a tough course. The keys to her scoring are: 1. Solid ball striking 2. Keeping the ball in the fairway 3. Near automatic up-and-down So, I'd say practice making solid contact and hitting the ball straight. Practice chipping and pitching. Practice putting. I'd also say practice those things if you hit your drive 290.
This is what I asked Sen. McCarthy twice, but got no response. A course collects a ball from range and rents it in bucket, but makes no conscious effort to convert my property to their property (i.e. they don't mark it with a range stripe). In this case (which I think is the most likely), the course makes no claim to the ball and simply provides it in a rental out of expediency: it's not worth it for them to sort through all the balls to pick out the mishits from the...
I'll ask again - what if the ball I got in the range bucket was one of mine that I had sliced off the tee into the range some earlier day. I play a rare ball and have a unique mark and color and would be 100% sure it was one that I had hit. At that point, if I take it, is it theft? Your answer will be illuminating.
The range guys don't pay me when I pick up range balls all over the course and then return them at the end of the round, nope.
Gee, I hope nobody ever hits an extra shot as practice while out on the course - that's cheating the course out of green fees!
Sure looks like a Volvik to me...
I'll admit there is a shade of difference, but it's just that - I don't think heaven or hell hang in the balance. Some guy (usually me) slices a ball into the driving range. From there, the tractor picks it up, it gets washed and dumped into a machine and then distributed. Every sign I have seen talks about not removing "range balls" which are clearly marked as such. Replacing a ProV1 out of a bucket with a Top Flite I picked up on the course is OK by me, but some...
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