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LOL...well this is an exclusive TP version and a low launch/low spin club. The Supertri is High Spin/Launch...too high for me. Feels like a degree or two higher than normal. I know a lot of 510TP guys say that was the best club TM every made and the Superdeep is supposed to be the replacement
Superdeep ships March 30!!! It's on Golfsmith's site. You can put it in the cart with the Adila RIP shaft and it says ship date is March 30 for $599!!! http://www.golfsmith.com/products/TM...%20TP%20Driver
In the WCG Match Play, Sergio hit his 6 iron 234 yards!!! crazy.. I'm sure his swing speed, lag on how he drops the club and how he's such a good ball striker has NOTHING to do with it...hehe
Just got it last Thursday with the 9.5 Fubuki 73g in X-Stiff. Love it. Was crushing it. Probably the shaft is of course really good. I gave it to the guy next to me to try out vs. his r9 460, swapped the shafts so he could use his and he was nailing it. You guys are right. It does have a higher launch. I like it lower and might go down to a 8.5. Then once I do that, the SuperDeep will come out! I hear that is THE CLUB to have...
Big thing too is really rushing the downswing and moving the head to cause the shanks. Gotta give enough distance, make a nice shoulder turn, hinge the wrists, keep the left arm straight, and don't move forward. Nice and smooth
I believe technique is #1, then how fast you can swing as #2 It's obviously all physics, but if you can supinate at impact like Hogan says in his 5 Fundamentals and the "magical device," you have part of it down. Lag is big too and it's not swinging hard, but fast. I say technique is #1 because you have 6-4 guys in the long drive (for example) hitting 380+. You have Jamie Sadowski at 5-10 hitting it the same or even 400+. Why? Technique. Probably #3 would be...
Best advice I ever got was from a guy I met at the range. He said that it was a tip he heard from George Bush Sr. to keep his head still. If you try this, it totally works. You don't have to build a device like some of the other posts mentioned that will turn a MacGyver tin can into a tank: "Keep the distance between your head and the ball the same during start, backswing and downswing as long as you can." If you need to picture a stick that's connected from your...
Hey Erik,I tried that "glove under the armpit" drill and have never hit my irons that precise. I remember you and the others said my right elbow collapses as the top. The "glove under the pit" specifically fixes that, right?Thanks,e
WOW!!! Thanks so much Eric, SenorChipotle and Jamo. I truly appreciate it so much and thank you for your time. You guys are awesome. I totally understand what you are saying. Eric- That's more than I was expecting, but if I probably would do the same for someone in need of golf help (assuming I was a low HC). Anyway, I did a full color print out and took note of what you said. It totally makes sense too and the reason I do certain things. Let me just show you how...
Thanks so much for the feedback. I would love more. I definitely see what you mean on the dips. Is there any way you suggest training someone to avoid the dipping? I try to think of keeping my body and head like it's anchored to the ground, but it still doesn't work. Any training tips or swing thoughts? http://thesandtrap.com/forum/asset.p...2&d=1265358574 http://thesandtrap.com/forum/asset.p...2&d=1265358570 Trace
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