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Cake -- Commissioning a Symphony in C
 Lol, this could be your new nickname. Nice work, Blocky! Seriously though, good job. 
 Haha. Well you'd still beat my ass on the days I shoot like 89 or whatever. 
 Ahh. If it's playable then 3-iron I guess because I've never hit a 2-iron. But I switched my 3 out for a hybrid a while ago.  That said, I wouldn't even consider my 7-iron a consistently good club for me... wish I could find the sweet spot more often and not the toe. I can still hack my way around though somehow. 
Consistently good? Where's the option for "none of the above?" 
 Still, nice driving nonetheless. Good job making a shot zone too!
 I think Bubba actually used this intro at the French Open   This would be a good one for Tiger right now:  JK, I'm a Tiger fan.  Lol, awesome.
Whitesnake -- Here I Go Again  
Daaaaamn, those are some beast drivers. Have you ever bought/owned a driver specifically for long drive? 'Cause that might be fun. 
LOL, I was just looking at Charles Barkley's swing and this is what I call lifting up your back foot before impact   
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