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Good news is that this is golf and not basketball or something. Maybe he can still play? Maybe his caddie will carry him to each shot like the Marshall offensive line did for Byron Leftwich in that game against Akron in 2002? Maybe if he wins the headline will be "Rory's Torrey!"     Lol, just trying to lighten the mood.   Jordan's Gram Slam probability probably went up a couple percentage points this morning. 
The original instagram post:
The Rolling Stones -- Sticky Fingers Album  
The Beatles -- I Should've Known Better
I've been playing Ultima Online Renaissance every now and then. This was the original MMORPG that came out back in 1997, and as a kid, I remember playing it obsessively with my friends, much to the chagrin of our parents because it was so time consuming (it still is). The cool thing is, it used to cost a monthly fee to play it back then, but now it's totally free. About 500 users are logged in at any given time which is a far cry from the 10,000 it used to have back in its...
I heard Tom Dyer at Old Marsh is decent, but haven't gone to see him. I know that doesn't sound like a ringing endorsement, but the guy who recommended him to me thinks most golf instructors are horrendous, so this is actually a pretty good rating for him. 
I do the opposite of what you do. I play the ball somewhere forward in my (narrowish) stance, I use a 56 degree wedge, open the face somewhat, and hit a short-backswing-type mini bunker shot (with some speed) that pops the ball out somewhat high (how high depends on speed and height of the follow-through) and lands somewhat on the soft side.  This isn't necessarily the scenario exactly, but here, you see Leishman forced into this shot because of the lie and the downward...
It'd be pretty cool actually if I dropped a stroke or something by switching to a nice ball. I use the cheap-o Laddie Precept, and have used it for probably two years now. Seems fine to me. $20 for 24 balls. In South Florida there are a lot of water hazards, so I prefer losing balls that aren't expensive. If I played a more wide open course where OB/Water wasn't much of an issue, I'd probably use a good one. But you can do fine with a really crappy ball. 
OK range session tonight. I overdid it by practicing for too long. Working on the current piece: right hip high, slide hips downhill, keep head steady. Hit some nice ones.   I shot an 82 at Abacoa yesterday, and the differential came out to 7.something. The index dropped to 8.7 as a result. I still feel like I'm terrible, but I'm surprised the 'cap is so low (for me). Honestly, when I joined this site, I would've been thrilled to be an 8.7. Now I'm greedy for it to go...
Also, I want to add that Keith told me it was okay if I wanted to back out after the fitting -- no charge for anything -- and no hard feelings. Very good guy. I wasn't going to back out as I really liked the results I was getting with that Frankenstein putter he made me during the fitting, but it was nice of him to give me that option if I got cold feet. Putter arrived in the mail two weeks later or something. 
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