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 Good question. Yea, not a whole lot of separation value really beyond the celebrity factor. It really was a novelty for me being there. My steak was good though, so that's always a plus. It was really packed that night, which can be fun under the right circumstances, good crowd of people really. It's basically 50% sports bar, 50% restaurant, and on the sports bar side of things, it's certainly high end as far as customer base and menus prices go.   Yea it was one of those...
Haha, I guess $53 before the tip is pretty expensive for one person who didn't buy any booze, but considering most of the clientele, I was expecting it to be more pricey. Still, for me, it was worth it. 
I had the pleasure of sampling South Florida's newest, hottest haunt this evening: Tiger Woods' "the Woods Jupiter, " which opened on Monday, August 10th. Since it's Friday night, I thought it might be better to go at a lower traffic time of the week, but figured that I might as well see it during peak hours for this review. I hopped in my car and made the ten minute drive up the coast to Jupiter, passing by the famed Seminole Country Club on my right just a couple minutes...
This is still a major work in progress in terms of what the hell my head is doing, but I seem to have found a feel that stabilizes my hips on the backswing. I'm basically just trying to feel like my hips are sliding forward throughout the entire backswing, and that gets them to stay in place. Head movement is another story, but over time, I should be able to control that better on both the back and downswing. Baby steps continue.        Seems to be improving.
 Wassup, Steve?! Hey, thanks, man. Encouragement is always appreciated. Yea, it's a fairly tough combo-piece. But I just realized the order I should think about this stuff is: 1) hips forward 2) head upwards. Just noticed that the hips move right away, but the head doesn't move downward until the very end of the backswing. Gotta credit that darn @mvmac with that one for his new thread:   Made me think about what actually should start my thought process when practicing...
The Amanda Dufner -- You get up to use the restroom and then get secretly served whatever your friend ordered in the coat room. Haha, not yet. I'll go tonight or tomorrow night. Definitely been wanting to check it out for a couple weeks now. 
Some decent work today at the range, at least as far as the Five Ss go. Slightly better hip and head stabilization on the backswing. Baby steps.      Fun fact: that bucket of balls next to me is the same one from yesterday. Just took it home with me because I only got through like twenty balls yesterday, and the same today. 
Alright, baby steps here, but I was hitting the ball significantly more solidly today, particularly with driver, where I regained the distance I had lost over the past 1-2 months. I was hitting it like 220 for the second half of this summer, which obviously made the game muuuuuuch harder. Today I hit a couple that went 270, and I think I hit one that went 290ish. Absolutely huge, and wow is the game a whole lot easier with a wedge in your hand.    Here's video from...
Johnny Thunders -- You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory  
Haha, yea, I'm sure. Soon enough! For now though, I'll do my very best with this tomorrow at the range. Hopefully I can display that I can pull this off and change the picture correctly haha. Thanks again. 
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