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Technique comes before feel. Get in the realm of decent to good technique, and then you can experiment all you want with feel. Trying to develop feel with shitty technique will just keep a person in the hack zone. 
Happy 15th Birthday, Jamo! 
Since we all seem to like Curb, here's another one. You killed the guy, Larry!       Some foul language here, so NSFW.
Space Jam! Best scene in the movie.    Sopranos John Gotti story:   Swingers (1996) at the pitch and putt:   I don't necessarily agree with crazy-guy here, nor do I appreciate us golfers made out to be the bad guy a lot of the time, but this is classic. Falling Down:   My personal favorite: Navy Seals (1991) Golf Scene!!!   That's all I got right now.    Damn it @boogielicious you beat me to it! I shouldn't write long posts anymore. 
Do you still have it? Go on Pawn Stars!  Or sell it to Ben. Either way, awesome!
 Hehe, I hope it gets canceled immediately.  
Thanks for the response, @mvmac ! Always much appreciated. I'll keep mapping it out: get back into flexion/chest down, drive feet into ground, regain knee flex/open up.    In the fast motion swing, I'm clearly squatting too early and then jumping too early, among other issues like swinging too long on the back stroke and having some elbow separation at A5, but if I just stick to mapping, I should be okay.    Again, thanks for the help. Cheers, Mike.  
Dumb in general. You're not dumb, brother. 
Hence, why instruction/understanding others in golf is difficult because it means different things to different people. Which is dumb IMO. 
OK, after some further review last night and today, I think my priority piece is to regain flexion hard (chest down) into 6.      Obviously other issues like the swing being too long and the elbows separating, but I think the body motion is better… I think… stop me if you feel it necessary to do so.    Here's me working on it:   Seems better than yesterday:
New Posts  All Forums: