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 LOL! It has actually does have some weird nuance to it with the strategy. I will say though, Agar makes me rage quit like a temper tantruming 10 year old sometimes. 
Big move, and I hope it all goes well. I'll take a look at the new supporter offerings. 
This new game called Agar is hysterical. I can really waste time on this very simple yet really funny game. Plus it's free, so… that helps.    http://agar.io​   Here's some quick tips and strategies on how to play:  
It's pretty bad, yea, but at least it's not as bad as it was five years ago. It's still bad, but these guys are at least aware of some better information nowadays, and occasionally it shines through. They still say odd things like "resisting the lower body," or "full release," but… I dunno, it's not as cringe inducing as it used to be. Maybe I'm just inured to it these days. 
Yea for sure. 10PM eastern according to my TV. 
Wow, Rory. Stop making us all look bad. That was a fun round round to watch.   Glad I had the DVR running today. 
Haha, I just watched that Farxiga commercial that they're playing during the Quail Hollow and remembered how good this song is.   Dire Straits -- Walk of Life
Here's Rory McIlroy's:
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