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Crap, he's T3: Rise of the Machines now. 
Go Tiger!
The Vaselines -- Son of a Gun
Thanks, Mike! 
    I shot a lifetime best 75 today at the Palm Beach Gardens Municipal this morning. 6504 yards, 71.4, 133 for a differential of 3.1. My handicap will be an 8.4 on its next revision. This is only the third round of golf I've played this month because I've been hitting the range 6 days a week this month, electing to work on my swing rather than play.    But it's amazing I played this well today because my swing is still absolutely horrendous. I hit a banana slice...
Irvin Mayfield and Ellis Marsalis -- My One and Only Love     Love this. 
Welcome to the site @Golfbreaks ! Looks cool. I've never played golf outside the US, but if I ever head over to the UK or Ireland, I'll head over to your website. Thanks again. 
Good news is that this is golf and not basketball or something. Maybe he can still play? Maybe his caddie will carry him to each shot like the Marshall offensive line did for Byron Leftwich in that game against Akron in 2002? Maybe if he wins the headline will be "Rory's Torrey!"     Lol, just trying to lighten the mood.   Jordan's Gram Slam probability probably went up a couple percentage points this morning. 
The original instagram post:
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