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God I miss the 80s.   Bananarama -- Cruel Summer
Alright fine.    1.  My total score     80   2.  # of birdies (or better)      1   3.  # bogies      9   4.  # doubles (or worse)         0   5.  Final match play results (win/lose and score) against my sandbagging 4 hcp buddy (I get 2 strokes)         You lose 1 down. Sorry     PS- Be sure to think of this post on 18 green when you have that 20 footer to tie/break 80 hehe. 
I'm really liking Anastasia Ashley these days.      
Did you seriously just make that? I'm dying laughing.     @Golfingdad Come look at this. 
They forgot about John Anselmo who coached Tiger from age 10 to 18. Perhaps longer (until Butch).   Oh wait, nevermind. They were only including his coaches during his pro career. 
I can't wait to hear what she has to say for herself. Anyone troll her on Twitter yet? JK. 
 Hehe, I edited some on-topic stuff. I highly doubt Tiger goes it alone for very long because his history strongly suggests otherwise, but it would be fun to see him try it for an extended period of time for once. We have the "early days Anselmo era," the "Butch Era," the "Haney Era," the "Foley Era," and now I want to "the Rōnin Era."  PS- And of course, there's also the Earl Woods period and the After Earl period. 
 Hahaha, I actually thought about posting this too. I'll listen to it and picture Peter Kostis and Charlie Rhymer white guy dancing around the golf course.   And just to keep this somewhat on topic, I think I'd love to see Tiger go rogue for a few months out there without a teacher. I think it'd be fun to see how well (or badly) he would do. 
Quote:Originally Posted by Golfingdad This is OT so I'll hide it in ackowledgement (Click to show) Haha, this is the worst "unbelievable" in the history of unbelievables IMO.  Off-topic, sorry:  [[SPOILER]]
Mungo Jerry -- In the Summertime
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