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LOL. At least I maintained some flying wedge at impact with the Wii controller. Too bad that didn't translate to the real thing. 
Tiger for me, but my biggest influence was his video game on the Wii. Without that game, I never think about trying golf for real. 
Lennon for me, but I love both. And George. And I love "Don't Pass Me By" so Ringo is cool too.
Hey @deason    Wow your swing looks so much better now than two years ago. Great job!   Agreed with what @mvmac suggested.
Wow that's an awesome putter. 
Well that was one of the more exciting episodes I've seen on this show in a while. So happy to see you-know-who go. When Jimmy drained that putt, I let out a fist pump from the comfort of my couch      Rooting for Jimmy now. He seems like a really good guy. Not that Toph isn't a good guy himself, but Jimmy has a lot of class. 
You never let me suck up in peace, do you? 
Yea, I gotta say. The mods have really done an awesome job with the site. @jamo @boogielicious @billchao @nevets88 @mchepp @tristanhilton85    Awesome job, you guys. Really good crew here. 
Congratulations, Sand Trap! Always enjoyed my time here. 
Stewie Griffin -- Susie    
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