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Stewie Griffin -- Susie    
I'm boring. My favorite has always been the classic Hershey's Bar. Just looking at this picture feeds my soul:      I'm also partial to a Pay Day every now and then. Caramel and peanuts. Yum.  
It's called Aimpoint Express. It's a subset of AimPoint.    Here's an intro to it. It's easy to learn:    
 It's a generalization, but a good one. It's useful to the individual golfer because of how much it stresses that we work on our full swing motion to see the most gains in our scores. We want to separate ourselves from the competition, and the best way to do that is to hit it farther, straighter and on the green more often than whoever we have to face off against, whether that be against an actual opponent, our past best scores, or the golf course itself.  As your swing...
Mirror all day. I enjoy making practicing swings in my living room too much. 
Same here.
 Ya. This bullet doesn't fair too well here: 
I'm in too. 
 Haha, I like it. That's pretty cool @saevel25.
Team America Themed Putter: Gaudy red, white and blue that says "**** Yea" somewhere on the top line when you look down at address. On the sole it says, "Gonna Save the Mother****in' Day, Yea."   Or...   A Great Gatsby 1920s themed putter, with JG initials on the hosel. Overall the design is a throwback to the Bobby Jones "Calamity Jane" type putter. Still a blade head, but a hickory shaft with maybe some fake gold on the club head somewhere. 
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