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 Haha, dick. 
 I like the part where they say hey. 
 Gotta agree. I don't see race playing a role here at all, and I'm more empathetic than most when it comes to that sort of thing. If this was Peyton Manning and he got just two games, I think everyone would be even more pissed about this.  Also, there are almost no scenarios where it's okay to hit a woman, even when provoked. Obviously if she's trying to kill you then you have to defend yourself, but if she's hitting you repeatedly with her hands (similar to what Solange...
 Yep, I remember. I shot you a thumb for volunteering yourself out of the competition. Your day in the sun will come! 
@Jakester23 in a runaway! Even though I nominated @isukgolf, I'm throwing my vote Jakester's way as he is more than deserving himself. Looking forward to seeing your August lessons/analysis/practice!
@CarlSpackler haha that's great. Enjoyed both those latest links.     Bit of a change of pace, but I absolutely love Burt Lancaster in this scene from Field of Dreams:     Brilliant. 
 I was lucky enough to see them once at Radio City back in 2001 or something. Good times. Odd concert. Everyone sat the whole time and it was very low key, very unconcertlike. Interesting fan base. I think I enjoyed it more because of that.   Dire Straits -- Tunnel of Love Love this song.
 It was only twice with the weed for Gordon. 16 games was way too harsh. His appeal will be coming up soon though so we'll see how that turns out.  Blackmon deserved what he got IMO. Multiple DUIs are horrible obviously because you can kill someone that way.  But, you're right all the facts aren't really out there. I respect your opinion. 
 Haha, he's pretty much good in everything, isn't he.   I dunno why the reviews were so bad. I almost didn't watch it because of that, but I'm a sucker for all stories related to time travel, so I watched it anyway. I guess because there were too many plot holes? I thought the touching moments created because of the plot holes were worth the movie having been a tad incongruent.  Richard Curtis is pretty good at lifting one's spirits  If I wasted my time quibbling over plot...
New Posts  All Forums: