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The Animals -- It's My Life
I made that post six years ago. Yea, I've gotten a lot better. Shot 79 once from 7050 yards (74.5, 143.0 slope) a few months ago. Been a struggle since then, but yea, I'm better in general now. Still not "good," but better for sure. Thanks. Good luck to you. 
I'm guessing, but it appears to be nothing than Hogan demonstrating what he thinks a slicer does: weight back and leaving the face open. The club on the ground behind him seems to have been dropped there randomly. 
Just posted on Deadspin: http://deadspin.com/patrick-reed-takes-a-swing-at-defending-himself-slices-1691181098​ 
I'd probably look great in a wet suit actually! Plus it'd be fun to add a ton of toe hits to Rory's former 3-iron. I could ruin that thing in one swing!
Haha, same. But now I feel weird I even took the quiz in the first place. Need to drink a beer or do some biceps curls or fix an engine now. 
Here's video: 
 I'm rooting hard for Harrington right now. 
 Yep. Look at some pictures on your computer to see what's correct, like pictures from the thread @iacas linked to, and get in front of a mirror. Get in the same posture as those pros in the pics and get used to that feeling. Will help a ton of things.  Good point. Do this, @jmanbooyaa  Agree. And good link. A must read for @jmanbooyaa  I can't speak for @iacas  but "chin up, butt out" is a red flag for a bad instructor. That's the exact opposite of what good golf posture...
I've definitely hit a major slump. Long story short (South Park reference), I was hitting it the best I've ever hit it in the weeks after my lesson with Erik and Mike, but then my elbow tendonitis flared up and I lost two weeks. I came back this week, practicing every day for the past five days, and I'm hitting it horribly. Oh well. I didn't bring my camera to the range, so I had someone film my swing with my iPhone… hopefully the angles and such are decent enough to make...
New Posts  All Forums: