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I joked at the beginning of the season that the Jets would win...now I think they might actually have a shot! Actually, I know they're doing much better this year, but are they in contention for the Super Bowl?
Hell no, I will not play if the temperature is below 60 degrees!
Playing tennis, skiing (difficult to keep up with this one since I live in Georgia), reading, collecting sports art (I highly recommend Rick Rush's artwork-very classic stuff).
Believer here! They'll at least have a much improved season over last year. It's nice to see the change after everything that happened last year...
It's the same color combo Tiger is wearing in the Rick Rush golf print I just bought. I had never thought about it before...
I agree. I've heard a number of people question whether it's a coincidence that the U.S. team won when Tiger wasn't there. Of course it's a coincidence. One person doesn't win a team event, and Tiger is an awesome player. By the way, Rick Rush has a great Tiger Woods golf print - www.rickrushart.com.
I got into golf about five years ago (23 years old). I didn't think I'd like it...but my brother had started playing, and convinced me to go to the driving range with him. There was just something addictive about trying to hit that little golf ball! I started following Tiger then too, and became a huge fan. Even bought a Rick Rush original golf print of Tiger!
Jack has a longer history than Tiger...but I'm sorry, Tiger is awesome!
I don't live on a golf course, but I play most often here: http://www.stonemountaingolf.com/
I'm an editor. I work from home, and forums are one of my main outlets these days!
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