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Congrats!!! well done! maybe I'll see that one of these days, though I ain't holding my breath.
Apparently I was wrong...make that about 170.
Shot terribly. I really blew it with my pitching/chipping today. However, what threw me off nearly as much, and kept me in shock, was nearly every time I grabbed an iron I was hitting them about 15-25 yards longer than I've EVER hit them before, just out of the blue. Has this happened to anyone else here before? Now I'm afraid to grab a club I'd normally have grabbed before for fear of "flying" the green, and I'm just as afraid to grab what I probably should been...
somewhere around 150 -160
I'd take a 4hybrid, 7iron, and a 51 degree approach wedge.
3 iron or 5 wood. Keep the one you hit the better of the two. If you hit them both equally well, then ditch the one that creates the bigger gap between the 3 wood and the 4 hybrid.
I haven't played North Creek yet. I live up on the Northeast side of town in Bartlett, and the farthest out I've gone to golf so far is T.O. Fuller. I'm normally at Davy Crockett or Quail Ridge ($21/cheap, $45/close to home) or Fox Meadows ($35/close to work) or Audubon ($35/close to friends).
Was having a helluva problem with my driving. I went from a terrible slice when I first started 2 years ago, to developing a wicked pull hook over the past 6 months or so. Yesterday I tried something different on the last 9 holes I played. I went from a strong grip to a neutral grip on the driver, and really loosened up how tight I was holding the grip. WOW! 6 of the 7 drives went *mostly* straight, ending up on fairways or just off the edge into light rough, and they...
Best day is typically Saturday, followed by Sunday mornings, then any day during the week that I'm lucky enough to be able to get out of the office a little early, typically very short notice on that happening though. Take care!
Every once in a long while I can break free during the week, though Fridays would be the least likely day I could break free. During the week, when I can get out of the office a little early I typically head over to Fox Meadows as it's substantially closer to where I work.
New Posts  All Forums: