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I second this. Years ago, I returned a Cleveland Launcher I had bought because I was convinced it was the club. I now still wish I had kept that club.
Voted maybe so. Not first choice, but don't have to lie to your friends about where you've been either.
Personally, I think someone should have a Pro when they are first taking up the game to understand the basic dynamics of a swing, but then just start playing on their own to find their own swing.
"Lollipop" by Framing Hanley. Way better than the rap version.
I'll be the first to tell you that I am not the best player at the course by any means. However, I have had many lessons over my life and have developed and cured many issues in my swing over time. This may be what you meant by your hips, but it seems like you are not rotating at all in your backswing and then pulling the club across your body at contact once your body begins to rotate for the followthrough. EDIT: I agree with Dent. He seems to have some great...
I'm a full time college student with a part time job to keep gas in the car and pay for golf.
I think this is great advice, at least from my own observations. Whenever I start analyzing and focusing on the mental thoughts I should have through my swing, my game takes a dramatic turn for the worst. My best shots come from when I have the least thoughts going through my head except for "slow and smooth". The old motto of "perfect practice makes perfect" is great because it encourages muscle memory and consistency.
I have never had the opportunity to play either and they both look spectacular from my quick google searches. However, I have been at that Marriott resort multiple times and based on how incredible the property is, I'm sure their golf course would not disappoint.
I definitely agree. While it is cool to play where the pros do, I feel like TPC is overpriced. There are many other courses in the Phoenix area that could be played for much less than TPC. All of those mentioned by wingchamps are exceptional courses. Also, check out the Raven at Verrado. Arizona has no shortage of great courses, and, if you keep your options open and search around, you play a few of them for the price of one round at TPC.
Yesterday on the course, I realized that I have particular clubs that, when I hit a pure shot, it creates a sense of bliss unlike any other shot throughout the day. For me, whenever I hit my steel shafted Titleist fairway woods pure, it is an experience unlike any other. The noise, the feel, and the look of the ball flight are perfect. Do any of you have a club that just seems particularly special when you hit it right?
New Posts  All Forums: