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Welcome!  Lived in Augusta for 7 years.  You ever get over that way?  In Korea for a year, but hoping to head back on return stateside.
Welcome!  I lived in Augusta for 7 years and still own a house there.  My wife is actually still there teaching while I am stationed in Korea for a year.  Hoping to get back next April.  Had a streak of attending the Masters on Sunday 3 years in a row, so I need to start over, lol.
What part of GA?  I lived in Augusta for 7 years while stationed at Fort Gordon.  Currently in Korea for a year, so hopefully I can make my way back.  No better place to be if interested in golf.   Todd
I actually enjoyed the episode.  I'm stationed in Korea, away from my family so i pass the time with TV and movies, lol.  I do get out and hit the driving range and virtual golf simulator when I can to work on mechanics.  Haven't found any playing partners yet, but am looking to hit the actual course up when I do. 
I have everything Callaway, from the Ft-IQ driver down to the gap wedge.  I play Callaway balls, and even have a Callaway staff bag.  I, however, will not part with my Scotty Cameron putter!
Messy! Now you have to clean tea out from between the keys!!!
I remember reading an article on Tiger's putter. He has played with that one since before he turned pro if I remember right. It is also the only club in his bag that he is not paid for.
My pleasure. It made the event more enjoyable seeing you and your son there and seeing his whole reaction. I'm sure the memories will last a lifetime.
Could be worse. You could have drunken idiots jumping into sand traps and making "sand angels" just like on 17 yesterday when Tiger and Phil were on the green. Needless to say, he was swarmed, handcuffed, and escorted off the premises and told never to come back again.
Yep, was there in person!!
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