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Shot my first sub-80 round of the year. 79 at Dayton Valley Golf Course in Dayton, NV. It was my fifth round of the year and the first time my driver and irons cooperated in the same round. I had a triple bogey on 9 and a double on the back side. So I feel a 79 was very solid considering I had those two blow-up holes. 2 birdies on the round with many more opportunities that went begging. Oh, did I mention I suffered a very slight hairline fracture to my right fibula 2...
46 on the front with 1 birdie. 38 on the back with 2 birdies and an eagle opportunity that turned into par. 84 on the day, which is decent for my first round of the year. Looking to get the handicap into the single digits this year as I just moved next to a course with a decent practice facility. Short game is king!
Thanks tomvk77! I went to the range today and tried standing a bit closer to the ball and what do ya know... I made much better contact. I stood much closer with my 3 wood, which has been my achilles club, and I struck it wonderfully. Playing North Star tomorrow and I'm hoping to carry today's practice over into the round.
I've been Playing Golf for:​ 10 years or so My current handicap index or average score is: I don't actively keep a handicap but I generally shoot 8-10 over. My typical ball flight is: typically low to medium flight with a slight draw. The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: chunking the ball or spraying it right with my irons and I also have a tendency to cross over and duck hook the ball with my driver.   I have 2 videos for your...
Hey there folks. As a recent college graduate I decided to reward myself with some new irons as the old Titliest 990s I had been playing for the past 6 years have seen better days. I went to Haggin Oaks Golf Course in Northern California to demo some different clubs. I knew that I wanted to upgrade to blade irons in order to challenge and better my game. After hitting different irons I fell in love with the Titleist MB irons and bought a set from my local Golf...
I played Sierra Sage Golf Course yesterday and shot my lowest round ever. The course is relatively easy but the greens were in great shape. I shot a 2 over 73 with 4 bogeys and 2 birdies.   While the course is pretty easy, I am still very happy with how I played. My driver cooperated and my (new) irons were pure. I really put a lot focus into each shot and my greenside play was the best its been.   I'm taking this confidence into my next round and hope to shoot a...
A friend of mine gave me an old 56* Vokey that he used in college, so the club was well worn. I keep it in my bag to punch out of rocky areas because I'm not about to scratch my brand new sticks. 
Played yesterday, first time since my 78, on a tougher/ longer course. Shot 79. Thats two rounds in the 70's in a row.
My left hand has been bothering me during golf as well. It hurts on my hand and first knucle of my index finger. Maybe playing 8 times in the last 2 weeks has something to do about it.
Thanks for all the words everyone. My next goal is to be consistent and break 80 more often. 75 would be nice and if I can consitently break 80, 75 or better could happen.
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