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Yep, tried to get them myself this fall but my pro said tour issue so looks like I will be sticking with my Fli-Hi.
The ATV series are designed to have a dynamic bounce that basically changes depended on how you manipulate the face(open/closed etc). Personally I own a 60* and it took a while to adjust, but I do enjoy the versatility it gives me. If you are "scalping" the ground, I assume you mean you are taking a large divot? I would say open the face up a touch to offer yourself a bit more bounce that should help the club from digging into the ground. Also, you said you are fairly...
I'd say my typical miss is a spinny cut. A lot of it is because I do have a steeper angle of attack. It will creep in every now and again but it isn't necessarily a huge miss maybe 5-8yards right of topic.  
Hey guys,   Just a few updates on my swing. Been putting in some work over the summer/fall and its paying off on the course.   -Tim    
Yes, I do. I will try and upload a more recent one in the next day or two.
I'd say I use my own swing. Its got some elements of stack and tilt, and a lot of elements of a traditional golf swing. Its tough to classify it as either one.
6'5" 290, used to play offensive tackle before I broke my back.
It is amazing to see that 10-20handicappers can hit the ball past a lot of pros, must be some pretty poor short games out there. Anyway, here are my yardages, all of which are carry distances.   Driver: 290 3w: 265 5w: 245 21*: 235 4i: 220 5i: 205 6i: 185-190 7i: 175 8i: 165 9i: 150 PW: 140 54*: 120 62*: 80     -Tim
Hey guys figured I would let you club junkies know about my new set coming in! For starters, I picked up a Ping Rapture Driver(10.5*) with a proforce v2 off ebay for $25(STEAL!), and a ping i15 23* hybrid at edwin watts for $65. These will replace my R11 TP and my Adams Idea Pro Gold 22*. I also just ordered a set of Titleist 712 CB in the 4-7i and MB in the 8-9, and a Vokey SM4 46* pw.   My bag set up will look like this for the next coming...
Personally I'd go with the scotty or maybe a nice ping redwood....the edel putter I was fitted for just wasn't my thing when I actually gamed it. The face felt like it had some dead spots too it, good looking stick though.  
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