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tiger is my all time favorite player. grew up watching him, really love his swing, and he has influence alot of the way i play the game. right now though i prefer phils loose disposition and really really like the way hes playing. overall i think tiger has the better mechanics, swing, winning ability, and mental game, but phil is playing way better right now and he has a much better attitude in my opinion
tim sygerich at gaylord springs golf links just outside of nashville is a great fitter. he helped me with shafts for my drivers and woods. i would definately recommend him to you as a really good guy to work with and somebody very knowledgable about every clubmaker in the business
getting a 909h with either a vs proto or an nv. i have the nv in my other hybrid and love it, but i have never tried the vs proto so i just want opinions. thanks
mp-32s. they are soft as butter, just forgiving enough, and not insanely small. basically blade feel and i10 like forgiveness
i got mine on ebay, pretty much no wear, for $150
im planning on getting an 18* tour burner hybrid. i demo'd one on the range the other day and was hitting it like 225-230 with a mid trajectory
im not sure if this specific hybrid comes in 22*, but the taylormade tour burner hybrids are incredible. i personally play a 585h, but i have found that i want a different loft and look at adress and i like the feel of the tour burner more. it plays almost more like a fairway wood than a hybrid due to its shape, but i found that you can still get just as good of contact with the ball if it is in the rough as with any other hybrid.
im cool like that . one of the pros at my country club had gotten an order of aldila shafts and he had some extras so he hooked me up
you chose wisely. best of luck
i havent had the same experience and i havent tried that yet, but i did read the article. i would think it would benefit the longer hitters too, cuz obviously anthony does it. i might check this out soon
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