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I like the game so far, im playing the ps3 vesion. graphics on Augusta is amazing! Wish i could play for real.I found it funny how Stevie isnt in  the game.and glad to see that Phil Mickelson is recognised in the masters moments in the carrer mode. You get to recreate his amazing shot at  the 13 hole of the final round of last years masters.  
I played Hansen Dam in the valley. Its a municipal but hey its less than 5 minutes away from me so i cant complain.
So on a wet and not so sunny day in Southern California, i broke 90 and it feels great!!!!!! . After many close attempts , my improving game prevailed and I shot an 87. With two birdies on two tough par 5's and a record low 31 putts, ( LOW FOR ME ONLY ONE THREE PUTT) and on aerated greens. I am stoked and cant wait to break 80. But i know that is still some time away. Wish me luck
i to have been keeping stats on the course to lower my handicap. Earlier this week i played 18 and i hit all but 1 fairway, which was a surprise to me since i fight a very bad slice and every drive was dead straight.I had only 2 G.I.R. and too many putts. But now i know what to work on. So hopefully the stat keeping helps
i would say George Lopez just because he is a comedian that i think is beyond hilarious. I have no idea what his handicap is besides the kidney
I found a snake eyes ball on the course and decided to use it. i was surprised at how far it went great distance off the tee. Very durable to had it for about 2 rounds until i lost it. i just might stop by and buy some. great deal i can add them to my shag bag.
I dont own one but i have tried one out out Dicks sporting goods. I was trying it out off the artifical rough they have alongside the putting area and was surprised at how well it chipped with it. I literally spent 45 minutes withthis club just holeing out chips of all lengths. I can see why people use the club. Hey whatever helps your game.
i like to use my PW with a putting stroke.But It really does depend on my lie. I have tried using the SW and LW but i get much better performance with the pw. So why change it up.
Do you prefer wedges to be light or heavy(D4 + )?
i have only one reason. Golf is an actual sport!!!!!!!!!!!! Ping pong is an olympic event and its hardly a sport more of a game.
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