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you name it, I've missed by however. Lip outs, horseshoes, pin knocks, Lip out going by in one direction up the hill only to have the ball roll back down the hill and lip out again (THAT one hurt). Any and all means have prevented me from getting the first one after 40+ years. I've holed more albatrosses on par 5's (5) than Aces.
Yeah, I just posted about these specials as well. Game Golf for $130, Swingbyte 2 for $100 and the 3bays thing for $130 as well
Swingbyte 2 is going for just about $100. Which must mean the Swingbyte 3 is on it's way. Game golf thing going for $130... not sure if it's the latest version though. All kinds of deals on golfing aids and gadgets..
Conditions in tournament play can knock off a stroke or two. Especially in putting.
As for delay time with a 5, 5s or 5c- you can use the BURST mode. BEFORE the peak of action press and hold the shutter. rapid fire pictures.
Well, yeah, that's kind of what I was getting at. The falling in bunker or hazard is one that wouldn't necessarily apply to "taking a stroke"... Maybe "Having a stroke" when you fall in that ice cold lake would matter.
Almost everything comes down to "INTENT". Like the hitting the ball on the practice swing thread. If you accidently hit the ball while addressing, re-tee, no penalty. If during a practice swing you clip the ball, re-tee, no penalty. Fall down and use you club to save yourself, no penalty. It's the INTENT part that people seem to forget most of all. Trying to stop your swing and hit the ball- well, that shot counts. Poking around the bunker feeling the sand? penalty stroke...
If it's your "local", then you must play it often.... Why do you need to 'mark your target line' anymore? Should be pretty obvious after playing several rounds. Even on a course I play maybe 2x a year, once I played the blind tee shot hole, we knew where to aim the next several times we played it. However- if the landing area is someplace where the group in front might be, then yes, take a peek to make sure you don't kill anyone. And then ask that the owners put in a bell...
It's only in the last few years that you see the younger assembly line pros with that pole straight left arm in the backswing. I think they're taking that "keep your left arm straight" a bit too far. The classic days of golf back in the 60's, 70's, 80's , etc... NOBODY had a pole straight left arm. It may have been firm, but there was ALWAYS a bit of a kink at the top. Trying to keep it rigid always felt unnatural and stiff. It affected my whole swing because of it. I may...
A quick poke around on Ebay found a set recently sold for 66 bucks. As for playability? Well, that would depend on your ability to hit the ball consistently on a sweetspot about the size of a dime. No "game improvement" clubs, these, I'll tell ya what. IF you use them for practice- that will help develop and groove a 'near the sweetspot" swing that can carry over to your you normal clubs. IF they are weighted similarly, that is. this would be after you spend money for...
New Posts  All Forums: