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True... modern balls are (for all practical purposes) squishy blobs. The old 70',80's Pellets w/90/100 compression were meant to be smashed by those plastic inserts. I've had similar experiences using "older/classic" equipment with modern balls.
Less think, more do... Once I'm over the ball. my "starter" is a little squat of about an inch or two, then swing. Starting from a dead stop is a killer for me. That little 'squat' starts me moving.
Funny "ha-ha" funny, or funny "how the fu*k did that happen" funny? Ha-Ha funny- standing behind my Dad and he takes a mighty swing and it plinks right between his legs and hits me in the shin. Good for a round of laughs from everyone... the other one: Standing about 15 yds behind (further from hole) a friend of mine as she attempts to get out of the short rough off the edge of the fairway. Takes a mighty blast and it shoots out at what seemed about 100 mph, 12 inches...
Cool, thanks for that- Now I KNOW that there will be more long irons and 3w's on duty.Especially since those yardages are from the tips.
I started using two gloves back in 1988 after my parents moved to Florida. First time I played down there, it was 90+ with humidity about the same. Felt like playing with both hands and clubs under water. These days, I will use two gloves, not because of calluses, but due to the weather. Cooler or cold days, and high humidity days in summer. Mostly it's a mind thing, since, if it's that sticky out, I will change the LEFT glove 2 or 3 times, but the right glove will make it...
Just as a heads up- The ruler is ONLY in Google Earth, NOT Google Maps... There is a "distance measure" feature in Maps, but it is tricky to find it. I use Earth all the time for stuff like this. Matter of fact, playing a new course next week, and I Earth'ed it for that reason. There will be a LOT of irons and 3w's off the tee at the place.
Update: Well, it's STILL working. Last week on the course, about the same performance wise with a few putting woes. A 78 which is a bit more in line with the usual pre-awful period efforts. This AM, no time to play, but hit the range instead. Working mostly on the drives. Warmup with a few 7's, hit 5 drives, take a break, 5 again, break, maybe a few irons, break, 5 drives, etc... The feeling standing over the ball is really starting to feel as it did back in the day....
The draw works for drives, looks impressive with roll... I have gone for a combo. I "generally" draw the drives and long Irons off the tee, but I play a baby fade with the approach clubs. I see it as two completely different setups and swings, so I'm not intermingling the two (for the most part). That's how I TRY and play my game, anyway. Over the years, trying to hit either all one way or the other just didn't work for me. Your mileage may vary, of course.
An individual sport in a social environment... From my post in a previous thread about "chatty partners..." "Golf wasn't developed to be a solo endeavor by the sheep herders or whoever.... It was to beat THE OTHER GUY at flinging that rock into that pile of sheep poop, not see how long it takes for YOU to fling that rock into a pile of sheep poop. Angus and his buddies didn't play by themselves and boast at the pub about "it only took 36 whacks to get me wee RRRock into...
More like TWENTY years back... Hindsight is a great teacher. I learned that the Green/Whites for fine for playing on Muni tracks that were a little burned out in the summer. Hit them and you see the "blink" effect as they flew through the air. Easy to spot on fairway. Take them to a nice upscale course with actual GREEN fairways? Again, highly visible as they blinked during flight... totally useless when they stopped green side up.
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