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If it's the original SwingByte, it's been replaced by the SwingByte 2 or higher. there WERE issues with V1 like the clip not holding very well, connectivity issues, and stuff like that
That's an old Trevino story...
Forged clubs CAN be reshaped for Lie. loft... etc... But in my recollection, (at least of the earlier) cast clubs were nearly impossible to change because the process of casting made them more brittle(relatively speaking) than forging. Maybe with todays different alloys and multiple material heads, it's a different story. But If I had an older set of cast clubs I would just leave them be- other than shortening the shafts if needed.
Woot has had specials on the True's a couple of times. Keep checking in and if it isn't the "Woot of the day" it might be in the Sports "Woot" for the day
Hardest part was committing to the program from the start. Having the gym literally one block from the office made it the most convenient and easiest way to go (especially at only $10 a month at a Planet Fitness). If it wasn't hard (not really "hard", just harder than just going home and reclining to watch TV), it wouldn't have done the job so far. I hit the 2 week wall and thought about "well, maybe I'll skip tonight", until I figured that would carry on the next night,...
After getting a bit of a shock back in February when I topped the scales at 224, I figured I better think about backing off a bit. I joined a gym around the corner from work, and started a program of just walking to start out. A couple of weeks later I talked to a trainer and went over what I wanted to do and what my restrictions were. Arthritic knees, bad back and some rotator cuff issues that I've been working around ruled out a few things. No jogging because of the...
A local Bar Scramble back in the mid 80's. I was caught out a little short of cash after tipping bartenders and cart girls all day. Had $8 in my pocket as we got back to clubhouse for the awards dinner. There was a table at the door for a $5 raffle ticket for a set of the "New" Hogan Edges (first year). Full set- 3 thru SW... I hemmed and hawed a bit but plopped my $5 down for a ticket. My partners were dropping $20-$50 on tickets. After getting squat for coming in fourth...
Well, the sales places are trying to get rid of stuff that hasn't sold. Sometimes you can win with those cruise ships at the ends of your legs, since 13's and 14's don't move in the shops, either. A lot of teh sales I come across will have sizes 6,7, 13,14,15's even. Nothing for us "normals". Although the Woot sale the other day had some normals in one or two styles with the others being only available for dainty feet..
No Parkinsons, he has little to no ability on the green. He was so wound up about putting for an eagle he thought himself to paralysis and almost whiffed... both times.
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