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"...in grounding the club lightly when addressing the ball" Keegan Bradley has stretched this loophole to the extreme as part of his "routine".
The switch was putting ALL of the various points together. I had been doing or NOT been doing any one or two at a time. Either: had the tilt WITH the hip sway, or- I would not have the tilt and not have the sway. I think my stance was a bit narrow before trying to keep from over swinging as well, which led to trying to steer the swing instead of freeing up the swing. Widening and closing the stance, tilt and no sway seemed to be the "magic" combination on Saturday. As I...
Yeah, well- screw that! After messing around for the last few seasons trying to regain "that swing" of my good golfer years, and being ridiculously unable to find it with any consistency- I cracked. There was a thread about "uppercutting" the driver that had this link in it: http://thesandtrap.com/t/77244/how-to-hit-a-driver-hit-it-further-and-stop-slicing "Hmmm, that looks familiar... let me watch that again." I caught a few things, well, ONE thing that I hadn't been...
Yeah, that was kind of confusing. Sorry about that. I misspoke about hitting "3" part as well.Yes, if you didn't hit a provy, and the ball was OB, it would be decided where about it probably went out and then after a drop, HITTING 4. Same basic penalty as if you DID hit the provisional.That was the only real "official" stray from "The Rules" in that league. I didn't stay around too long since most of the "rules" weren't exactly judiciously followed, anyway. Lots of roll...
IF you want people to take even LESS notice of you and your clubs, try to stick to the furthest right position (if righty) available. Being as your experience is nil- any shanks, misses, and wild ones will not be pinging around other users. Especially if there are no dividers.
Never a one club match, but we have played a 2 club game once in awhile. I would usually grab a 2 or 3 iron and 9 iron for those.
Playing too long to even THINK about going "wrong", "backwards" or "upside-down". Although I WILL practice lefty shots once in a while. The range will have some clubs in a bin for use. I use the lefty to try and feel the release. Since it isn't "second nature" lefty, I can feel the difference and try to transpose it to the righty swing.
I played in a "recreational" league several years ago. 12-14 groups of 4 players. Pretty much stuck to the rules, even with the other cart keeping the scores for the other one. The only real variation was the OB penalty. IF you thought it was OB, you would hit your provy. If the original was OB, a kind of committee decision on where it went out among the players- a drop within 2 clubs from best estimate, hitting 3. This was only really to keep things moving and not have to...
Ever seen a Goose's head explode? Yeah, well.. it isn't pretty. Play near the water and it's not as rare as you think.
Best start- 4 under after 3 at Pebble Beach. Birdie, Eagle, Birdie... then reality set in and finished with an 80 Never really played in a competition other than a couple of Golf club outings but I guess an 82 in the 20+ mph wind and steady rain for a net 72 and the win would count. Best casual was a 70 (73) at Pine Hills on Long Island. Couldn't miss that day. Have never been close to that since.
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