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I have a couple of clips on a few hats. If I don't wear one of those hats, I will put a coin in the opposite pocket where I keep my change with my repair tool. I DO have a tool/marker combo that I will use on occasion. I like to use the clip because, in summer, I will use two gloves if it's particularly sticky out. The tab on the glove will catch on the pocket, so the clip is easier. I haven't used a snap from a glove in a dogs age- mostly because any of the gloves I get...
Hat clip. it's always right there. If you don't wear a hat, it clips on to the belt. Or use a dime.
When the wind picks up to about 20-30mph, give me a call... I could use the money. Seriously- there's nothing wrong with that ball flight- in most conditions. Do you play at all when the wind is up? There is where you would see the most effect against your ball. I would start practicing half shots with 3 or 4 irons, punch shots and runners to increase your repertoire on the course. Stick with your normal shot- then pull out the wind cheaters when needed. Conveniently,...
It's "Free" to start. If you want to improve your clubs, balls, etc... you can buy additional goods. Just like some of the racing games out there- if you want to play and win against anyone, you can drop some serious coin on stuff that is basically non existent.
Average of 100 is for ALL amateur golfers. Beginners would likely have a higher average. But if you felt good about it, then that's what counts.
Does the hole have a "drop zone" most people ignore or even don't know about? If so, play it from there. IF the ball never crossed the red line around the green, then a re-tee and playing three. OR- drop closer to the front of the tee box and play 3 from there. Those would be the most likely scenarios.
I believe so. You might have been getting a full version free for a couple of months. Get on the mailing list or set up an account with them. You will likely get an offer to join for $10 for the first year. Save a few bucks. not a bad deal for that money.
Check into some of Nicklaus' books. He was a "sweeper", barely brushing the grass while still making good contact. It was the way I learned the game as a youth. Probably will mean playing more 'cuts' with the irons since that's easier to do.
IF you find that cure for a slice- don't tell anyone. Sell it and you will make a mint. On a serious note- one pic that looks like it's at impact? it looks like your late on release. the palm of your right hand his pointing about, oh, say... 50 yards right? One thing I can suggest is to take a lot of practice swings WITHOUT a ball. You might need to try and hear the "whooosh" as the clubhead goes through the hitting zone. not before and not after. Generating that whoosh...
Exactly- you are getting an absolutely perfect lie with a tee. You take advantage of what the rules allow.
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