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Try a Pro shop for a three pack. Of course, it will cost about 3X what it should, but you can get them.
I'm not sure what would be the point of trying to hit these new "soft" balls with a persimmon club. A year or 2 ago, I grabbed an older driver from my ""Florida" stash at my Dad's place. It wasn't Persimmon, but an early/mid 90's Taylormade Burner. I hit it a few times along with the R11 I was currently using. The ball was a Callaway iXTour. Admittedly, not he latest in tech compared to today, but a similar comparison. The R11 had a nice sound, with plenty of 'pop' and...
If you ain't whining, you ain't playing.
I had an issue with a course in the Poconos last year while using the Golf Logix app. They reconfigured three holes and it hadn't been updated when I played it. After the 6th or 7th hole, all the tee boxes and greens were off kilter. I contacted them the next day through email. In a couple of exchanges with captures of Google Earth showing the old and new positions of tees and greens, it was fixed and roughly updated within a week. A full course update would happen a bit...
My first visit to HIlton Head back in the early 80's, we were zipping around a curve on the Ocean course. What we THOUGHT was a log on the cartpath was a 6-7 foot juvenile. Unfortunately, we ran right over his tail. NO apparent injury to the Gator as we watched it just saunter back into the swamp
When Trump took over, I was really suspicious. He has a FANTASTIC scenic location (for the most part), The city saw him as a savior to take over the mess of a project that was languishing for years over access, environmental issues and such. I did think, okay, NOW it will get done, but I was still suspicious. The price they are charging is kind of silly for a "Muni" course, but will get play and keep the sheets full. Here's the deal- after the charm wears off, and...
"Got it" = "Kiss of Death"
http://www.onlineconversion.com/circlesolve.htm measure the circumference, plug that into the table and the diameter is solved for you
IF it supposedly will be "as big as Armstrong".. Then it WOULD be as big as Armstrong. Do they really think that after Lance, A-Rod, Bio-Genesis et al, that they would even THINK about trying to cover this up? Attention monger looking for some, well... attention.
Well, there IS a website where you can buy Masters goodies. Mostly hats, but they have other stuff as well.. They've been around for a few years now so they must do something right. HOWEVER... the prices are INSANE. Figure THREE times the price for every item. e.g. a White Bucket Hat that might go for 20-25 bucks is listed at about $70. Yeah, SEVENTY BUCKS. And they don't ship until the store opens. They must have mules that get in and buy up the stock to ship on or after...
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