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I'm trying to just keep it on plane right now, I have no feel of where the club is at the top of my swing right now so I'll try and start thinking about it. Watching these videos now have really started helping me out feel what's going on up there. thanks for the tip   I haven't gotten the chance to get to the range with finals coming up. but when I get back home I'm going to take better quality videos of down the line and side, I'll slow one down as well.     
Hahaha, that guy's face is priceless
Wow, great picture thanks. It looks like I should be trying to keep my right arm straighter also on the initial take back? I guess that will come with me not turning my forearm as much at first.
Today I asked my friend to video tape my swing. I have always had a bad habit of bringing my club inside on my upswing and then hooking it up and around on my downswing. I don't have any past videos of it although hopefully that explains it enough. I've been playing since i was like 10 years old so I guess it's just something I have obviously been able to get my own adaptation to and play decent enough with.    I tried to make my swing plane more even and here are...
Worked out back today. I don't do anything complicated:   Dumbbell rows 4s 10r/15r/10r Seated rows 3s 12r Wide lat pulldown 4s 10r Dumbbell shrugs 4s 10r Hyperextensions (lower back and obliques) 3s 20r/16r/14r   I try and do the Ab Ripper X exercises after every workout, almost threw up lol. Ate a slice of cookie cake before I went to the gym, didn't go over too well.
I'd get a nice new putter, maybe the new Scotty Cameron that came out.  New TaylorMade R11s driver TaylorMade RBZ rescue And some set of nice forged irons   
Shot a 100 at some random course in SC today. Three putted almost every hole, played horrible...
Might as well go out on a limb and root for someone I like and have a tiny chance to win!   1st: Ian Poulter 274   2nd: Bubba Watson 275   3rd: Tiger Woods 277
Hey there, I'm from Long Island as well. Where on the island do you live? You should go play a round at one of the cheap courses there by yourself and see how it goes, 9 holes goes for about $7-9 at some places that I went to
I carry a 4 wood in my bag at all times. On my vacation in Hilton Head I was doing horrible with my driver since I hadn't played in a long time so I switched to my 4 wood for tee shots. It has never done me wrong and every shot went dead straight. I know it's just a mental thing for me, but I love mine
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