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"3/4 swing" is a matter of feel vs. real for me. I don't feel like I take it back more than 3/4, but I'm really at parallel.
Cobra Bio Cell+ driver, Nike Sumo2 5900 3-wood, TaylorMade Burner 3-iron rescue. It's an interesting combo. The 3-wood is probably my least favorite and definitely least used of the three. Unlike others in this thread, I'm much more comfortable off the deck with it as opposed to teeing off with it. I do have a tendency to hook the shit out of it once in a while off the tee, and I don't normally need it aside from that, so I don't use it much. There's a par 5 at one of my...
I've wasted great tee shots like that plenty of times.
But it's boring when there's no one to root against. Luckily we have Bubba.
I've read a lot of @9iron's posts and I'm almost certain he either just likes to argue for the sake of arguing or has a very hard time admitting being wrong. Probably both.
I rarely fly but I've taken the bus to and from school quite a bit. Maybe I've gotten lucky because most people asked me if it's okay to recline before doing so. I don't recline very often but if there's someone behind me I ask first.   I think in some of the recent reports that ditchparrot19 mentioned, someone used Knee Defenders, which physically prevent the seat in front from reclining. I think it's kind of hilarious.
41, I was pretty close! An OOB tee shot on hole 6 was the only real awful shot I had today - I teed off with a hybrid and just launched it sideways off the toe. I made a double bogey on it which is pretty solid considering the circumstances. I had a couple good looks for birdie but I couldn't knock any of them down.
Going out tomorrow morning for 9 holes before lunch. I'm predicting a +5 40, not bad, not great. I went to the range today for about 30 mins and felt as good as I've ever felt, which means I'm going to play terribly. Maybe I should've gone with 45, but 40 it is.
The times I do warm up before my round (and they are few and far between), it's only for a few minutes, just to get loose. I figure I don't have too many good shots and that I shouldn't waste them on the range!
It took me like a year to make my first birdie. They're not easy to get. Like others have said, since you're new to golf, making birdies isn't what you should be focusing on. Doing so just puts unnecessary pressure on yourself. If you stick to your game and focus on reducing bad shots and blow-up holes then you will start making them once in a while. I've only made a handful this season. Good luck!
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