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Favorite: Ernie Els Phil Mickelson Duff Daddy   Least favorite: Bubba Watson Sergio Garcia Anyone who uses a long putter
During a high school golf match, Ben Witter was doing a trick shot demonstration at the course's driving range. Only got to see the end of it but he used a driver with ridiculously flexible shaft (could bend it so the head almost touched the grip) and bombed a drive with it. It was pretty cool to watch.
S'all good, I knew you weren't. It is a very complicated issue, especially, when politics and economics are brought into play; I just find the scientific part to be much more interesting!
The grumpy looking cat he has as his avatar definitely adds to it
Yeah, I really know nothing at all when it comes to economics or politics so that's generally the cutoff for me when it comes to these types of discussions.
I've been swinging a lot easier lately; I used to overswing a hell of a lot and not doing so has improved the consistency of my ballstriking quite a bit, even if it means a slight loss of distance and hitting up a club.
You're right, especially considering that some of the pollutants from forest fires are the same as those in anthropogenic emissions, such as particulates and carbon monoxide, so short-term was definitely not the right phrase to use there. However, given the fact that some of the pollutants are the same, 100 years of human pollution probably does have a much greater impact than wildfires in that sense. Wildfires are much more common during certain times of the year than...
I'd like to point out that wildfires are inherently good. A good example of this would be the Pine Barrens in New Jersey - fires occur often there (severe ones are uncommon), and until somewhat recently, we kept trying to put them out (of course, they do get extinguished when they become a threat to humans). One thing this greatly affected was the population of pitch pines in the Pine Barrens. Pitch pines are very resistant to fires, and their cone/seed/whatever you want...
I find it hard to believe that any golf course would have trouble affording a few wooden stakes and a can of spray paint.
I thought she was pretty good in Good Will Hunting
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