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How dare you talk shit on Ernie? Kidding aside, pleats are truly awful regardless of who wears them.
You can make a good drinking game out of something like this - watch golf or soccer and drink every time the announcer says the word "brilliant"
The Skip Bayless-Stephen A. Smith duo is way worse. I'd be hard-pressed to find two bigger assclowns on TV at the same time.
And here I was under the impression that the ice bucket challenge involved ice in some way. Silly me.
I hit onto the wrong green in a high school golf match once. Even I knew what to do.
I only took a few minutes, didn't even speak to any employees, so it's all good, right? FWIW I did feel a bit guilty afterward.
Justine Rose sounds like quite the golfer!
I like NHL better, and it's not even close. But between NBA and NFL, last I checked NFL has RedZone and NBA doesn't so...
Am I a bad person for trying shoes on in their store and then ordering them off of Amazon? This is all my fault, isn't it?
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