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I sometimes grab a hot dog and chips or something like that at the turn but I wouldn't go much past that.
Well once again I was wrong about something in the golf swing.
I keep a big bottle of No-Ad SPF 30 in my bag. One thing you could do is apply it before your round and wipe the rest off your hands, but if you're playing 18 you'll probably need to apply it again at some point during the round so just bring a towel to wipe/rub the excess sunscreen off. The oily feeling goes away pretty quickly. Alternatively you could try sunscreen in an aerosol can since that's much less oily. I'm not crazy about it because of how much getting wasted...
46-40 for a +14 86. I stopped playing for a couple weeks cause I got the shanks real badly for two range sessions in a row, and I wasn't optimistic at all for today's round. The front nine was a bit dicey but I was pleasantly surprised with how the back nine went. Can't seem to keep the double bogeys off the scorecard, though...
Maybe what he meant was that at least one of the two Super Bowl participants missed the playoffs the next season.
I doubt I lose many at all since I'm a terrible putter to begin with. Actually, the last time I played aerated greens I putted slightly better than usual.
@saevel25 wins everything :(   The unknown 2nd place made me check my spam folder, and I really wish I didn't...
I've always been partial to Arnold Schwarzenegger one-liners
Got kinda lucky but I'll take it
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