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I've always been partial to Arnold Schwarzenegger one-liners
Got kinda lucky but I'll take it
That website looks like it was made by Hank Haney while trying out Dreamweaver for the first time. I hope he didn't pay someone to design that.
This perfectly sums up my feelings about hackers playing Pro V1s/Pro V1Xs  oh wow this thread is 6 years old
Rush would've been the proper musical reference
even Pistorius is stumped by the acquittal
eh, it's Labor Day Weekend, not really a big deal that he didn't work on a weekend that no one works   It is nice that the clubs stuck by their members and patrons, though. I'm sure it would've created quite the shitstorm if they didn't.
"This week on 1000 Ways to Die..."
I don't think anyone here is defending Rice's actions. He definitely deserves punishment but it seems like the only reason he was cut from the Ravens and suspended indefinitely by the NFL was to improve their PR, and it grossly backfired. I don't know what they were expecting from the video - couple goes into elevator in midst of argument, boyfriend drags unconscious girlfriend out of elevator. What do you think happened in the elevator? I don't see how the video changes...
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