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I would just get like a bucket of 100 balls from lostgolfballs and hope for the best
3 - one in the water, one OB, and one from me thinking a hazard was farther than it was and failing miserably at laying up on a par 5
This evening, I discovered a good method of keeping it off the ground. All you other cigar smokers can thank me later:  
I wonder if the screams every time she hits a golf ball
I don't understand why you'd want to kill a creature like that in the first place. What he did was basically on the same level as killing a zoo animal (or attempt to since he didn't actually take the fatal shot); it's one of the least impressive "feats" anyone could ever brag about.   Hunting has its places, like population control (i.e. deer hunting), and that I don't really have an issue with that. However, with the lion, there was absolutely no reason whatsoever to...
Johnnie Walker
Lostgolfballs is what I use as well. Their buckets can be a real bitch to open, though, if you choose to go that route.
I don't like the "TUNGSTEN" on the toe. The CB 714 irons look perfect to me, so the 716s are a big step back. I know that's an AP2 iron, but the CB is the same way.   Also, does the tungsten weighting really make that much of a difference?  
I typically just go with Izod. Their stuff looks good enough and can always be had for pretty cheap at Macy's.
Only got 4 right... clearly I need to brush up on the rules. The donut question really got me.
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