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Hey guys!   So i'm looking to try out some new irons in the next few days, and I had a couple questions for you guys :D   First of all, obviously knowing which irons are "the best" for me would be pretty much trial and error to see which ones fit me best and to see which ones feel the best to me. I just wanted to ask you guys if you had any suggestions for irons that I should try out and try hitting? Here's some info about what i'm looking for: I like irons...
Thanks so much for the responses everyone it really helps!   My driver broke at the hozel part where it connects to the shaft it has a huge crack in it.    Anyone else have any other suggestions for driver makes or models? 
Thanks for the response.    If adjustability is basically the major changes then I don't see how spending a little more is worth it instead of buying older models like you said. I will definitely think about that.   What do you guys think about the Titleist 909 Series and which version (D, D2, D3) is for what type of player? Also what about Ping Rapture or i15?
Hi Guys,    Looking to pick up a new driver, as my current driver has broken. (TM Burner 07)   I haven't been up to date with the new technology and stuff recently and was wondering if you guys would have any input on some drivers or suggestions.  I'm interested in possibly the Titleist 909/910's or i15 and possibly some Cobra's, but was just wondering what you guys think of some of the newer drivers on the market.    Thanks!!
I have a quick question, what is the difference between the ZM Forged, and the ZB Forged irons? thanks
Since it was a refurbished club from a 4 rating, will the feel, weighting, or balancing of the putter be altered at all??
Well, right now Im looking for something in good condition and most likely a Studio Select, or Studio Style. So either the one I posted, or this: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...#ht_1347wt_941
I was playing in a tournament at my home course, and my friend 7 Putted, plus 2 strokes for hitting a moving ball! He was too frustrated after his 7th putt and just knocked it in as the ball was rolling past the hole. He ended up with a 11 on the hole..
Im just wondering if this is a good deal, on the putter? Also wondering if its real or a fake. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...T#ht_500wt_956 Thanks!!
Okay, thanks so much!! Ill probably go with the Odyssey Black Series #1, but my uncle might have an old Scotty which I might be able to get from him! Thank you for your amazing help.
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